Sunday, July 30, 2006

See I Don't Think Too Much!

The Stupid Quiz said I am "Pretty Smart!" How stupid are you? Click here to find out!
Overall, you scored as follows:

79% scored higher (more stupid),
4% scored the same, and
17% scored lower (less stupid).

What does this mean? You are 17% stupid. This means...

You are far from stupid. Congrats on a great accomplishment!

Stupidity Score Requirements

Status Needed Score
??? 0 - 9
Pretty Smart 10 - 24
Fairly Smart 25 - 39
Smart, but Stupid 40 - 59
A Little Stupid 60 - 79
Stupid 80 - 89
??? 90 - 94
??? 95 - 100

Ok, where is that person who told me "I Think Too Much" HA! See I'm not that smart! Ok, so only 17% less stupid than me but that means I'm not the smarty pants you thought I was! HA! Maybe I just think too much "for you" ha! Can't get away with what you think you can! That may be the problem...or maybe you thought you would not still be the superman you thought then...well I don't think that would have been a problem at all, but I know egos can be fragile besides women play dumb sometimes Ha! :-) I love that scene in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" when they play dumb with Tula's dad to to get her to work in the Travel Agency HA! And don't even tell me that guys don't play dumb...PLEEZ! Besides, why do guys think they are not that smart...geez....give yourself more credit! And when you think about it...what does that really matter beyond a certain level...I mean what is the MOST IMPORTANT part?! ;-)

I do wish they told you which questions you got wrong & gave you the correct answers....ugh the eternal high need for achiever! HA! But doesn't it drive you crazy when you don't know & how can you learn from your mistakes if they don't? Sorry, the prof in me! HA!


rebuketheworld said...

pshychofun,,,was this a test? I took a IQ test a few of the times I scored in the lower range of intelliegence,lol..the other two I scored pretty well but not high.....I don't beleive in them at all....most of them require abstract thought and insight is different,,,,

xomywayox said...

A blue snail? Is that a good sign or what?? LoL At least no one can call you dummy!!


helmswondermom said...

Hey, I scored a 6!