Thursday, February 23, 2006


Ok, what were you thinking? ;-)

Take a look at this link! It is really cool!

National Geographic: WildCam Africa

'"One man's passion to protect Botswana's wildlife and give them room to run free in expanded territory has led to a success story at Mashatu Game Reserve."  In 1985 Pete Le Roux carved Pete’s Pond out of an old irrigation system.  The area is now teeming with animals – impalas, lions, tigers, elephants - to name just a few.  Thanks to National Geographic, you can now visit Pete's Pond.  Unfortunately, the live webcam has been discontinued but there are videos taken in the area.  The Animal Gallery has photos of the individual as well as an audio clip giving the Botswanina Setswana name of the animal and information on the species.  National Geographic has done an excellent job taking African wildlife public!'

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mtrib2 said...

I saw a story on Emu's (the giant birds that only walk) in Australia that due to a severe drought have sought water and thousands of them lined heading along a fence of a farm as they seek water and food.   Nature is astonishing and people are going to have to help them more as the future will become more difficult for them to survive.   I enjoy the National Geographic specials and magazine.   mark