Sunday, February 5, 2006

Games of Dating

I'm watching the Hallmark Channel's "Falling in Love With the Girl Next Door". Had to...Patrick Duffy & Bruce Boxlietner in the same movie! ;-) Not fair...who do you drool over...I'll just take both. Well, they certainly are a bit older, unless they added some grey for the show? Patrick looks a bit thinner too.

Well, the guy in the movie who is dating the girl next door tells his friend he is taking her to "dinner & a movie". His friends says sarcastically, "very original". He takes her to a graveyard to watch a Bella Lugosi Dracula movie! His friend can't believe it but it worked- she liked it. Then later he lets her decide the 2nd date & his friends says what are you doing you don't let her decide! It is the only time you get to decide in the relationship! HA!

Later she tells her friend she doesn't want to play the games of dating but just be herself. Man can I relate to that. I hate the whole idea of "rules of dating!" I don't even think I know 1/2 of them! I know I'm still figuring out things from past conversations...ugh! Just say what you think, ask if you want to know...why all the worrying of what the other person will think or say. When do you want to find out? After you have been dating months or married? Why beat around the bush? Why hint at things? Take a a man you know. So they say no...then you can move on. Take a chance on life & love! You just might find out they really do like you!

Later he tells her when she has been burned before that they can go slow & that he is not going anywhere. If you think the person is worth it then heck why not wait until they are ready. Well after the mothers screw everything up...HA! UGH!...they are too afraid to call each other....UGH! What wasted time!

Ha! Hitch is on now! Ha! I love it! Like Albert's dancing! BIG :-) He is just adorable! He isn't afraid to be himself....actually more than he knows. Hmmm.  1 shot deal? I don't agree with that totally. And first kiss meaning so'd have to really be aweful. Most know as you get to know the person you get better from being more comfortable with them and conveying what you like & dislike.

Ok, the eyes are more later!


swibirun said...

I liked dating in the 90's and 80's.  I did a hell of a lot of it.  I don't do it as much anymore as the wife tends to frown upon those things.

As far as the rules of dating, I know one was that I wasn't supposed to "put out" on the first date.    I also always paid.    I didn't like either of those.

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lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
I love the graphic! Thank you!
I am thinking tht a date at a graveyard might be a trifle cold! lol
What do you think of the movie The Underground?