Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Just Need To Vent...Sorry!

Ok, I'll warn you all now...this is a venting post! If you don't want to read no problem! No, I'm not venting about AOL or the govt but doctors! They are just driving me nuts lately. I know, I know, some very awesome ones out there, but sometimes you just want to tell them off. I think I just may start to do that. 

Why am I upset, well you probably know if you have been reading my postings I went through 6 doctors before they found out what was wrong with my foot. Turned out I had to have surgery a year ago last Sept. Since none of the previous doctors did their job correctlym I lost 92% of my muscle & had nerve damage. Can't tell me somewhere in the previous 3 1/2 yrs someone couldn't have figured it out and prevented it from getting that bad!

Ok, so then in Oct a lovely gentleman decides he wants to turn right from a left hand lane like 1 car length away from the light! I did miss hitting him but had to do a great deal of bracing with the steering wheel as I stopped. Thumbs got hyperextended & now I find out that the left one needs surgery. Ok so that is just a few months after the injury & the ortho sent me to a hand specialist after 2 visits (month apart) so that is not as bad.

I tell the same ortho guy my shoulders were not as bad right after the near miss car accident, just the top of my upper arm hurted a bit, thought maybe the seatbelt. After Thanksgiving both were really bothering me. Now I went shopping the day after Thanksgiving & did have bags but nothing real heavy....see this is really why we need strong men! :-) They have been horrible ever since. I can't sleep on my shoulders and I wake up in pain & it takes me about 2 hrs after getting meds in me to feel better & get going. The doc thinks it is odd that both shoulders go at the same time & probably rotator cuffs going "with age". I just want to get him for that.  PT is not working so he does send me for an MRI on the left one and some labs for arthritis etc but he acts like I'm just whining or thinks it is odd...you know that look or lack of seriouness listening to you etc. 

Well, yesterday I did the MRI which is the one bothering me the most. Picked up the results...sure enough "Undersurface tear of the supraspinatus tendon and Type II acromion." Basically the muscle on the top of my shoulder is torn & I have an impingement of my shoulder with my rotator cuff. UGH!!!! I just want to scream! And this is what I can figure out myself. There is a bunch of other stuff that I can't quite understand. I can't wait to see him!

Yep, I've already done the googling to see what it says. All the symptoms I mentioned...Double Scream! Sometimes you just want to say, "I told you so!" I'm the person who whacks the corner of things & goes "ouch" (Ok, maybe something else!) and then I'm still running & doing. If it hurts bad enough that it stops me from what I want to do...especially having FUN... then man it is no dinky bruise or some typical stereotypic female whining thing!

Ok, am I done venting....I think so...but I reserve my right to add if need be! HA!

I loved the last comments on Boston Legal tonight:

Denny: My day is coming
Alan: It isn't for a long time yet & until then LIVE LARGE!

I had a lovely...ok maybe devilish...smile thinking about how true that should & could be! :-)

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mtrib2 said...

I hope your condition can get straightened out, and you have reason to be upset about the doctor treating you as if you had nothing wrong.    I carried a battery yesterday and ended up having severe pain from old injury.    My medical diagnosis is scar tissue and a disk surgery would not help me.    I have been doing the exercises that the physical therapists have shown me and believe that it is the only way for me to get better.  I have to take medication every day because of the severe arthritis of my spine or I could not move in the morning. Also I would not be able to sleep at night.   It is all non-narcotic medication and I would much rather not take it if I didn't have to.   It can make me depressed. I had both of my knee's replaced several years ago and am happy with the results.    mark