Sunday, February 12, 2006

They Blew Him Up???!!!!

How could they blow him up? UGH!!!!! NO!!!!!!! What fools! What a plot that could have been afterwards with him & Meredith. And how can you blow Kyle Chandler up of all people! I use to watch him on Homefront. Didn't watch Early Edition but do like him! Talk about McDreamy!

Ok, who else is watching Gray's Anatomy? They aren't going to have Meredith or anyone else go through any PTSD? Give me a break!

It was quite interesting to me that Dempsey character does remember in quite vivid detail the last kiss they had. Do guys really remember? I mean that detailed? I suppose it would depend if it was still good right?! Dempsey is another one that one just had no clue when he was younger he would turn out so hot! HA! Loved "With Honors" and man he looked great in "Sweet Home Alabama!" 

Man I still can get over how they blew Kyle up! I'm just sooo upset! There was just no need to do that!


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
hi! hugs! I dont know the first actor but I love Grey's Anatomy!
and yu knwo waht? next week we've got to get some new shows for desperate housewives and Lost! think of it! no reruns for awhile! love you and Happy VALentines day sweetie!

deslily said...

do you know how hard it was watching grays anatomy?~!  argh.. each commercial I was back to the olympics only to miss Apolo Ohno.. i was sooooo mad!  even though he lost i wanted to see him race!.. but there was no way i was going to miss grays anatomy!...  arghhhhh!..

maybe when the bomb went off he's stuck on the ceiling and they just didn't notice him.. so he can come back..heh.. no huh?  lol

krspkrmmom said...

OMG...I have to admit that was soooo unexpected.  You knew someone was going to die's sweeps!  lol.  They are both so hot.  I just can't stop watching that show!  Is it just me, or is Grey's Anatomy better than Desperate Housewives?  I think so.

Annie =)

nhd106 said...

yes, yes,...I LOVE Grey's Anatomy!   and yes, so damn unexpected.   Great point about PTSD and how "fine" Meredith seemed so soon.  And no..most guys don't remember in such detail.
Good points!

trickeytricky said...

Oh goodness, am I a Grey's Anatomy freak . . .

I thought Miss Meridith was dreaming when they blew them up, but nope, I was wrong. I don't know how they are going to top that for the season finale.

Do guys really remember? No . . . that was all tv made up hooo haaa so that girls turn to their boyfriends or husbands and say, "Aw, honey why aren't you more like that?"

Great entry. . . :) I love that show!

Amanda :)

dwhee70041 said...

Deborah,  It is a sure thing....Men do remember the last kiss!  David

swibirun said...

I still think about all of the geek and nerd roles that Dempsey played in the 80's....cracks me up.  Now he's a stud.  There is hope for me afterall.

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