Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Reflecting on the Past Year!

Wow! Has it been a year already! Hard to believe but it was Feb 22, 2005 I began my journal! Where does the time go? You just blink!
When I think back to when I started & the first entries I see the baby steps I took. At that time I started my journal because I was going through a rough time. Besides getting over my foot surgery, I had 3 people pass away in a matter of 3 weeks. They were special people to me and adding to this was my 40th birthday! In addition, my cousin, who I remember being born, was now married having having her own baby when I had not done either yet. Did I just say "yet" hmmm...that is good! :-)
Journaling allowed me to think & clean things up in the thought processes. It allowed me to gain new perspectives & take those lemons & make lemonade.
Through this process I was able to do some cultivating & allow myself to grow more. 
Of course, between the foot limitations & journaling it didn't hurt that I was not out shopping instead! HA! Save a bit of moola! HA!
I loved being in an environment where I could feel relaxed  & have an avenue to reflect & share myself with others in creative ways.
I was able to meet some lovely people, who helped provide a different perspective. Sometimes they made me laugh & have fun, other times I may have disagreed.
Thank you all for the love you have shown me. For allowing me to feel accepted  and "at home" to be myself with all of you. I can't wait to see what the next year will bring.


deslily said...

the years do fly by!  I think we all get something out of our journals or we wouldn't do them.. it is an outlet for sure!  congrats on ONE YEAR!!

lurkynat said...

thank you for all of that time as a great friend here and I love your journal Deborah! And you know we both ahve gottena  lot from your jurnal! love ,natalie

mtrib2 said...

I think your page presentation is great.   Congrats on one year in the journals having communicated with so many people from the English speaking world basically.   It never ceases to amaze me that so many have so much to share.   Hope you have a great day.     mark