Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Sexy Firemen!

Did you all see on AOL the sexiest job is a Firemen??? ;-) Hee, Hee! What is it about Firemen? And those mustaches? I know not all have them but many do & they are just ooolala! :-)

Police Officers were a bit down at #6! Awww! The slide show on the link has some quotes...seems the firemen getting dirty makes a difference...maybe the police officers should try to get a bit dirty! HA! .

I'm sure it doesn't help that officers are out there catching you getting in major trouble and firemen really don't have to do that. Maybe it is also a Freudian thing with the piece of equipment firemen use? Ha!

It says that Veterarians are not so sexy anymore. I wonder why? I mean all that love for pets. Then again their say teachers are not so sexy anymore...HEY!!! What do they know! ;-) I dare them to say that to my face! Ha!

So what job do you think is the sexiest?


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
you know the Sherlock Holmes detetives! winkwink!lol
firemen are tough that's for sure..Marines are cool! and how about Navy men?
wow Deborah! I could relly see you with a Navy guy or a dressy South American rancher with a beautiful accent! :):)hugs,nat

kellfayark2229 said...

my man is a fireman, with a mustache...wink...wink!! and i would have to say by far it is the sexiest proffession!!