Wednesday, February 8, 2006

I'm so Sappy!

Ok, I'll admit tough as I try to be some days or may appear to some...I am a sap too! HA! I love listening to Delilah driving home at night from my PT (about an hour drive) and via the computer when I can. All those stories of love, thank God noone sees me bawling my eyes out! HA! And what is it with Joe Cocker's "You Are So Beautiful"? Is it even possible to listen to that song without losing it? Ugh!

Ok, at times Delilah has me laughing so hard I'm also crying or my sides are hurting. Monday she & one of her friends are discussing how the women commentating on the Superbowl are just pathetic! That is what I thought too. I'm like who are they commenting for? I mean I don't think the guys are paying that much attention to them...I'd think most want to see the cheerleaders...I know but still & they are not helping for women viewers! Heck, we are checking out the guys in the football pants ;-) So Delilah & her friend are talking about how they are going to do commentating next year & do what women really want....Who is single? What cologne they wear? What are their hobbies? Do they like pets? Boxers or Brief is likely to get in there don't you think? ;-) She is such a hoot & that would be great if they tried doing that. Almost like the MTV Videos with the pop up messages! HA! I bet women would watch more with that! HA! Couldn't hurt the football players images, well in most cases!

Stopped at Hallmark tonight too. Had to get the Michael Buble CD they are offering with 3 cards! :-) Ya, I know Sappy but... I also found the Michael McDonald Christmas CD for only $1! Don't you love great bargains like that! I can't wait to listen to them. Had to squeeze all the V-Day animals to see what they said! HA!

I also found some lovely inspiration by Morgan & Company there. I got a cuff braclet that says, "When you have faith, everything is possible" and a necklace that says, "Well-Behaved Women Rarely Make History". They just spoke to my spirit! Not sure if it is because I needed it more now? It definitely is down deep in me though. Got the necklace for 2 others also! :-) Ilove Spirits who really get what life is about... making a difference in the world! For example the young woman I posted about a few days ago! What a spirit!

Ok, time to get a few things done....more later!


gdireneoe said...

HEEEY!  OMG!!  I LOVE her too!  And I cry GOBS of tears.  Here's to bein' sappy! ;)  C.

deslily said...

i can get sappy with certain movies.. like for instance.. i CANNOT get thru the movie Rudy without crying!  Gads, you'd think after the 20th viewing i could actually see the ending lol lool

dreamingbrwneyes said...

I listen to Delilah every night, and usually end up crying through atleast 2 songs. Especially during holidays like Christmas or Valentines Day, the dedications on those special days really touch your heart. I think it was last week that I was listening and a father had called in to dedicate a song to his daughter. The parents had slipt up and the mother wouldn't allow the father to see his daughter. Somehow the father and daughter made contact and they were able to keep it up hiding it from the mother. His daughter eventually moved in with him, is married now and he said the proudest moment of his life was getting to walk her down the aisle.  It was very touching.
Any love song by Joe Cocker makes me cry. Amazing voice!!
So, your not the only Sap : )
~ Jenny

lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
whata beautiful entry! thank you for telling us about her!

schoolgal040 said...

I love Delilah too, very much! I wish I had a chance to listen to her more. Maybe I will use my handy-dandy laptop to listen to her show. I've always been a big fan and just lover her soothing voice. I hope she is around for a very long time. The picture you posted was the first one I have ever seen of her-she is beautiful just like her voice!

Take care,

blondepennierae said...

I saw a comment you made in another journal and thought you sounded interesting.  My instinct was right.  I have had a lovely time going back and reading your entries.  Glad I found you.  Pennie

helmswondermom said...

OKay, now *that* is a great idea!  If they had those bubble comments during the superbowl like on Pop Up Videos I would watch the whole thing every year and not just the commercials!  I like Delilah, too!