Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Something New

Did anyone see "Something New"? I went this past weekend & LOVED it! Ok, a bit choppy on some camera work but maybe it is just not my style. I loved the story line & how it was quite deep at many levels. It is interesting to see some reversal of the roles & how people can always point the finger at others but not look at themselves at times. I love how they explored the influences in attitudes from friends & family.

It was quite interesting when they were talking about how 40%+ of African American women who are educated beyond college are single. I remember a friend telling me the more degrees you get the less your chances are of finding a guy. It is just sad to me. Such lost opportunities! But it is true. I can't tell you how many times guys stop talking to me when they find out what I do. I don't even ask them anymore what they do because I know they will then ask me. My oldest brother & a friend of mine saw it actually happen a few years ago. Talking to this guy for like over an hour & then he asked. "ohhhh" turns around & watches the tv the rest of the night. HA! Sometimes I do work a bit harder & try to get them to realize it doesn't have to be a problem but other times I'm like, if you are that insecure in yourself then you are not the right guy for me. I'm not going to be fighting with that insecurity all the time. "I'm just a...(insert occupation)" is just pathetic to me. Be proud of what you do and show how I would be lucky to be with you.

And the issue of working even harder is unfortunately so true...in general for women & then more so for minorities. Sad world sometimes. It can also be used as a crutch though for some or they allow others to do this judgement & that is just pathetic!!! Just reinforcing that belief! 

I think a great deal of me loving this movie was Simon Baker! YUM! Talk about Mr. McDreamy or is it McSteamy now after Sun! HA! Wow! There were some of us actually talking during the movie at some of the parts...go figure... & it got to a point & I was like "Ok, I'm just going to pre-order my DVD now!" HA! I'm thinking it may have also just been the character he was playing. It really appealed to my spirit. I LOVE working in the garden & with dirt...no cracks on that! I can't even use gloves usually. I have to get my hands in the dirt like he did. Oh & the hike he took her on! I absolutely loved it! I love hiking in the woods & seeing the wildlife & waterfalls. Ok, it doesn't hurt that he is quite charming & sexy but... ;-) He brings life to her spirit and that is what it is all about! When you can make each others spirit grow to more than you can be alone. Ok, painting my toenails doesn't hurt either! Ha! I love that he also wants her to be real...herself & loves who she is down deep even with her flaws. He looks beyond them & knows who she can be & frees her to feel comfortable to be that person. He knows it can come out. He doesn't want her to be something she isn't, like so many others in her life want her to be. And the dog...well that is certainly a plus! :-)  Yep, I'll be getting that DVD that is for sure. I think I'll have to go see it again! :-)

If you see it let me know what you think!


detjebea5 said...

I was thinking about seeing it. Thanks for letting me know how it is.

lurkynat said...

thanks for teh heads up about Something New Deborah! sounds promising!
Deborah what are your hobbies? You might meeta cool guy doing them!love,nat