Sunday, February 26, 2006

Eight Below

My niece & I went to see "Eight Below" this afternoon & it was AWESOME! I loved it! She did too! She fell in love with "Max" :-)

I do agree he has awesome eyes. but truth be told, even though I loved all the dogs, I was drooling over Paul Walker &  Bruce Greenwood from Racing Stripes a bit more. And a man who loves animals that just gets extra points! ;-) I will forewarn you...there is a nasty Leopard Seal in there! Man, is it fierce...looks like some dinosaur face! Check out the other wildlife there!

I went on the movie website to let me niece play & learn more & man did I learn a great deal! The movie is inspired by the 1957 Japanese Antartica Expedition. 6 of the 8 dogs survived 6 MONTHS on their own! AMAZING! Antartica holds over 10% of the earth's land area & is twice the size of Australia! Over the winter when the icebergs break off & the ocean freezes the size doubles! During the winter it is dark 24 hours a day & gets to -80 to -90 degrees Celsius! BRRRRR! Wait, dang I am hearing my grammar school teacher ghosts haunting me that I would one day need to know how to convert to Celsius! Why do we have 2 systems...Geez! Anyone remember how to do this & what this would be?

Ok, now December/January is their summer and the temperature will rise to -35 Celsius...somehow this still does not sound too warm to me! HA! Now they get 20 hours of light a day! Man would that be cool! Now this is real interesting. It is so cold there because 80% of the incoming radiation from the sun is reflected back into space by the ice & snow and the other 20% is absorbed by the atmosphere or reflected by the clouds. That blows my mind! This also blows my is the driest continent! Odd to me? They get very little snow! The absolute humidity is drier thanthe Sahara Desert!

They also said one area called the Dry Valleys has not had rain in thousands of years! Scientist go down their to study the Ecosystem & find Meteorites since there are more there than anywhere else! NASA goes there to study the area since it resembles MARS so much. Fascinating! I love learning new things!  I hope you go see it! Let me know what you think! Wow...look at this link on taking trips there! Now wait...this site says summers can get as high as 40 degrees F! Heck, that is what I have sounds not too bad. Now would you take a trip there?



eml625 said...

That's pretty interesting !!!

And no, I wouldnt live there !


demandnlilchit said...

One of my girlfriends was feeling kinda brave yesterday and took her son, my son and a chit load of other neighborhood kids to see this movie too......they all loved it and she said she cried like a baby and the 'boys' all thought whatta sissy girl! lol lol lol Yes a man that loves animals and respects them does win brownie points with me too! lol

deslily said...

wow now that's interesting..

I'd love to see the movie..but i don't think i will got here anytime soon! lol

lurkynat said...

(((Deborah))))) How Cool! I can't wait to see this movie becasue I love snow dogs!
Thank you for the review ! Did you see Snow Dogs?

acyrlicstains said...

great review and research!~