Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fire Bob Costas...hire Howie & Bradshaw!


I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the news reporters (using that losely!) coverage of the olympics, especially Bob Costas!

Last night I was livid with Costas shredding Bode & others! What is with NBC's spin of complaining about all the American athletes. They put Peekaboo on complaining about "professionalism!" What a  witchhunt? Only Gold is good enough for America? We have more medals in a foreign land than ever & you still are not happy?

What is the point of the Olympics? All they do is whine & complain. They should learn from the Olympians! I don't see Bob Costas spending 4 years or more working his body & striving for this type of competition, but then again you know what they say..."Those who can't do..."
It is the Olympian's lives they are putting on the line & their own sense of accomplishment. If they are happy who are any of us to say anything? The Olympics are suppose to be much more than "just winning...much less winning gold!" Why do you always have to lead the questions with disappointment. Just ask them how they feel & congratulate them by all means! Thank them for representing us! Ask them what else they have gotten out of the Olympic experience! The reporters just come off sad & pathetic. They are so lucky there is not an award for unsportsmanship because NBC sports would win it by a landslide!

Anyone else notice Bob Costas' hair? Ok, sure I highlight mine so I'm not totally saying anything, but it just does not look that appealing...almost fake...too much! What happened with it being ok for guys to go gray. They usually is woman in society everyone has a problem with. He has a bit on the sides but then it looks goofy with the darker color. Think he is using some Grecian Formula? Maybe they should get the "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" for him! They could straighten him out quite a bit! He just comes across over thetop likehe has an inferiority complex!

Get some past athletes to do the coverage! Get HOWIE! ;-) Ya, I know Howie has colored his hair too but it isn't bad either way. I prefer the blonder though. Heck, I'd take Bradshaw! At least he would be fun! And see he is not putting on some silly rug! I say HOWIE & Bradshaw do all future Olympic coverage. Can you imagine them commentating on ice dancing! Ha! It would at least be entertaining on top of reporting. Anyone want to start a petition with me??? :-)


deslily said...

the media puts WAY TO MUCH pressure on the athletes, and seem to relish in talking about their short commings.  

I love Bradshaw.. but not too sure how i'd take his commentary on figure skating lol lol.

swibirun said...

Honestly, I was glad to see Bode Miller perform like he did.  Why?  Because of the things he said about Lance Armstrong.  Karma is a byotch.


lurkynat said...

Hi Deborah!:):)
Yeah I loved so many..Sasha Cohen, Ono, and some skiiers. They showed termendous courage and grace!
We need to keep that spirit int eh Olympics I agree! I'd love tos ee Howie get it inwaht four eyars? love,natalie

demandnlilchit said...

Bradshaw.........Now that would be funny!

deslily said...

ummm, its been a long time since you've posted.. I hope you are not sick!