Sunday, February 5, 2006

Can't Get Away From it!

Man, I'm not sure what is up lately but geez...

Ok, so I'm watching Love Affair, well it is in the background as I'm working online. You know the remake of An Affair to Remember with Warren Beatty & his wife Annette Benning & Katherine Hepburn. Love both movies! They dare to give up something that is "comfortable" and maybe a "guarantee" of an ok life and risk taking a chance on being happier, being much more real & authentic rather than superficial & play the role of society...what people think they should do. They really are not happy but as Warren's character says, sometimes you do something for so long you forget what does make you happy. Of course until you see a glimpse of what it could be for a bit & then it sparks that awareness and you now realize you are not happy and do see what you are missing and could have...if you just took that risk.

Well, Warren's character says if you like the guy you make him wait...make him get his life in order first. Hmmm?

He also says, you don't even know if the guys likes kids. Hmmm? So if a guy volunteers that haven't asked...what does that mean? I told you I only know about 1/2 the "rules" Ugh! Atleast in hindsight. Odd how you figure things out later. This is why people may think I'm ditzy at times but it really is not that. I am just more direct & don't like to play games...just tell me what you feel, you know?! Do you think it is just fear of rejection? Hmm?

Man, can you tell it is SuperBowl Sunday...all the Romance movies HA! Now French Kiss is on! :-)


lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,
You be yourself Deborah!
Maybe you would meet tht special guy travelling on vacation?(has taht ahppened?0
Or maybe doing your favorite hobby in a non credit class (informal lecture and art or discussion.etc) Has that happened too?:):) you're so cute I  bet lots of times!
Ps Hepburn is one fo my all time favorites and one of the best actresses of all times!

eml625 said...

Do you know I NEVER saw love affair......