Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Romance Covers

Ok John, here are my covers! Thanks for the idea! It was fun!

I found these Zebra pictures when I was making a Zebra book for my little niece. The Tiger ones are my loves. I have the one headshot one as a big poster in my office! I love it! The two are different but look at that love & affection. They don't care! :-) Reminds me always that Love is Love! No Barriers!


rap4143 said...

Oh I love your entries!!!

eml625 said...

Love is Love....  aint that the truth !


deslily said...

awwww... great covers!!

lurkynat said...

Deborah I think you did a very creative and wonderful job sweeite!
you're talented with this

helmswondermom said...

Those are great!  Well done!