Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Poor Guys!

Sometimes you just gotta feel sorry for the guys....

I wanted a haircut and phoned a salon early for an appointment with a highly recommended stylist. I was told customers were taken on a walk-in basis only. On Saturday I got there by 9 a.m., only to learn that it was that hairdresser's day off. I drove to another salon, but it was booked solid. Still another had no openings.The situation seemed hopeless, so I went home. My husband greeted me at the door. "That was fast," he said cheerfully. "Your hair looks great!"

Contributed to "Short Takes" by Michelle Kline


lurkynat said...

lol! very funny!

mawmellow said...

i'm convinced....they have NO clue !

helmswondermom said...

Great one!  They are so clueless, the poor things!