Friday, July 11, 2008


UGH!!! I'm trying to make a rainbow rock waterfall or atleast something for them to climb up to sunbath & I get this putty stuff the guy recommends. First it doesn't work the first time! Ugh! Then I get more & I saw it on an infommercial the other night for like 6 times as much for 1/2 the price! ARRRGGHHH..then last night I see Sam eating it from the rocks! He is so strong...he digs & pushes & gets to it. So I'm on the phone with Dr. J. their reptile doc. She says OMG! She isn't surprised though knowing Sam! He is quite the personality! So now I have to watch if he passes it. Yep...just what I wanted to do! Otherwise he has to go in! They are just like kids...get into everything. I haven't seen Ella eating it yet. And it isn't like he is underfed...the boy is overweight actually! Geez! Now I have to contact the company etc. Well life would be boring without all this right! Ha!

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chat2missie said...

We need our pets, no matter what kind they may be, to keep us sane!