Monday, July 21, 2008

Sunday 7: Fav. Cats

Well I was gone all day yesterday so just getting to Patrick's Sunday Seven. He wants to know our 7 Favorite Cats...well I could not pass up that topic!

1. First, is my BABY! Dusty is most likely a Nebelung! I love this breed now! I think I'll always have them because they are just wonderful! They are very affectionate & yet then want to be on their own too. Dusty is a lap cat too & he will sleep on me which I do like. Health wise he has been excellent so far also. He is 18 yrs old now & runs so fast & jumps across the room! He is very smart also and fearless. He use to climb the rafters in the basement of my folks old house & he stared down a racoon which got into our house! What a brave man!

2. & 3. are probably a tie! Generally speaking I love long haired cats. I do like short hair but I just love longer haired cats. I love Main Coons & Norwegian Forest Cats. Again, they are kinda like Dusty being a long hair cat although Coons can get sooo much bigger.
Here are a few I like:

Main Coon 1  Main Coon 2  Norwegian Forest 1  Norwegian Forest 2

4. & 5 Next, I think I would have to go to Wild Cats. And again hard to decide! I really like Bobcats with their pointed ears and thick coats. They look very sturdy and solid. Hmmm? Is this a personality test? Maybe it say something about us? Or what we like...hmmm! Also the Canadian Lynx is so incredibly beautiful! His face looks likea wolf a bit too! Again, I think it is the strenght...hmm!

Bobcat    Canadian Lynx

6. I do like Tigers...and White ones especially...I have the picture below as a framed poster in my office! I love it. I see soooo much in it. First, they are so tender & loving. Next, they are different but don't see it! They see what is common & can still love each other! I love that idea! No prejudice, no discrimination! They may even love each other for their differences! I could go on & on!

Loving Tigers!

7. Next would be the Lion. I love how magificient they are. Again they can be roaring, just project strength just sitting & yet can be so gentle, even sleeping adorable things! Ya, I think this is so true of MEN! ;-) I tell Dusty with his mane he is a lion...king of the forest...Mufasa! Got to help their egos you know! HA!

Lion 1  Lion 2  Lion 3  Lion 4

Actually, yesterday I was at the zoo & took some pictures & may have a lion in there. It was soooo hot! I will have to go back in the fall & try to just go to take pictures. If any pictures turn out good I'll post them!

Ok, there is my 7...finally! :-)


chat2missie said...

The cats in those pictures are so pretty!  Enjoy your day tomorrow.

garnett109 said...

enjoy your week