Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Worst Than Your Mom Nagging You!

This alarm clock may be worse than you mom yelling at you to get up as a kid! Then again? Although my mom really didn't get me up...except Sundays for Church but I think that was my dad...ha! I don't remember when I started to use my own alarm clock? I do know getting my sister up was a pain. I'd always get up first because if I didn't she would never get up & I'd have no time for a shower. So I was the one that was always up at like 6am! Probably why I don't like mornings so much now ha! I should get it for my baby brother. That man would sleep through an earthquake. My dad use to be like that my mom said. She'd have to hit him over the face with a wet washrag if she had to get him up earlier than his alarm. My brother has this horrendous alarm that you can hear even outside the house & he still is in a dead sleep. It will go off for an hour & nothing. Interestingly though he seems to get up to the cell phone! HA!  I wonder if it is on the pitch? 

Not sure if he hears his daughters? When my little niece was born all of a sudden I slept lighter. I would hear every whimper she made if her crib was next to me or her monitor. And I think she will have trouble. She sleeps all over the place! Hits the wall, still at times sleeps with her legs tucked under her tummy & her butt up in the air! She is 11! She did as a baby...I wonder if she was like that in utero? She whacks me in the nose with her arms when she was a baby. Once I had her on my chest on the lazyboy rocking & my mom was talking to me when she picked up her head & dead weight her head fell on the bridge of my nose. I was in sooooo much pain I was seeing stars & thought I would pass out. She just got it right. I could not do anything as I did not want to wake her. She was probably 2 yrs? Her legs where down to my lap then so...then just as I was feeling better she did it again. O...M...G! My mom could not believe it. She is like put a pillow between the two of you...thanks mom, you are a lot of help now! HA!

Oh & get this...I never used the snooze button until last year or the year before? I swear! I think I always figured I'd never get up...which I find I have to just set my alarm earlier to allow for the snooze & that doesn't make much sense to me so...but this alarm has a 2nd alarm so I just set it for 15 min later & that is better. I know you can do that with the snooze but...I don't know I just feel I have to get up rather than hit it again idea.

I don't know about you but I need more sleep now to function. In college and graduate school I pretty much functioned on 4-6 hours of sleep. Now I have to have 8 really. Maybe the reason of staying up so late is different to. Studying keeps you more cognitively engaged & if you enjoy the subject you get in the "flow" and just lose track of time or the occasional "party" ha...& that is different than staying up all night because you can't sleep or are sick or something. Of course I do remember in college I would come home from class, take a 20 min nap & get up for the dining hall to open & it would refresh me so much. Ready to go until whenever then Ha!

And I remember the day we had off due to a holiday and we did not wake up to the fire alarm! It sounded like someone's alarm clock. I woke up chocking from smoke! That was nuts. It was like before 9am so you know we partied that weekend & were sleeping in! The guys could not believe all the girls were coming in their dorm with nighties on! HA! I was disoriented because I think I managed to get jeans on, not sure what was Feb! Yes, the changed the fire alarms after that...was so blaring you could not hear anyone talk with directions! Ugh!

Well off to have dinner up north with my cousin...


garnett109 said...

function , sleep, ? hell i sleep 2 to 4 and i slug through it all day , that's all ya need!

chat2missie said...

Hope you're enjoying your night.