Friday, July 11, 2008

The Too Young Say We Are Too Old!

Yes, Angry, Annoyed, used Livid this way...

Willful stupidity makes me absolutely livid.  

Thats it!!! Who is making up these "Norms"? Did they do this to our parent's generation? Now AOL has what you should not wear AFTER 40! Now, are they saying if you have injuries you should not be wearing Stilleto heels or if you are 500 lbs you might think twice before wearing a thong? NO! It is simply that magic number! Now wait...I thought 40 was the new 30? And what was just on TV..."She's Got the Look"...women over 35 who look AWESOME...better than some 20 year olds. In fact, I'll argue many of us do! The experience & confidence we have (while not perfect) just is so attractive...yes in Men too! Probably why I always liked men old than me rather than my age! And then there is Carson with his Feeling Beautiful NAKED!

First why? I can't wear them...hurts my foot I had surgery on! But if you are just relaxing and they are more comfortable than gym shoes are you going to offend me or hurt me if you do? NO! Heck, better than Stiletto heels if your shopping, you'll hurt yourself. Save the Stilettos for your man! ;-) They say only if you have a job standing a lot...not to have fun with Jibbitz! Oh dare we 40 plus have any fun! What was that about "Finding the Child Within?" I swear these are a bunch of 20 year olds making these rules up!

Next, is String Bikinis...I kid you not this is what they say...

Even if you've got "it" there is no need to flaunt it.

I'm may have learned you don't need to flaunt it as much as you thought when you were younger but heck if you look at awesome at 40+ you should flaunt it. If others do not like it then tough. I don't mean meanly in their face but you should feel confident and sexy! Not to mention it is great for your man! And tell me what man will not feel great if other guys do find his wife attractive & he is married to her (ya as long as both are trustworthy etc)! And if you are widowed or divorced you should be flaunting also to still be ALIVE & SEXY!

I have no problem with the all over prints...that is a bit much for any why say just 40 & over? But heck if that is your style & you love it Go For It! Whose life is it anyway? Who is judging? Noone should be! Not if they don't want you to judge them! What are we loving the person or what they wear etc. Again, like the Diamond ring post...what is important?

Ok, leggings...that just went out of style for everyone with a shirt. It is comfortale at home but I have no issue with it one way or the other.

Backpacks...they are too childish...did you know that? Give me a Break! Who cares! Ok if you are carrying a Hannah Montana or High School Musical one then maybe but heck they have leather ones! Do these people get paid for this? Why don't they get a real job! I kinda feel sorry for them if they feel all this pressure to wear the "right things." They must be very unhappy or living in some illusionary world that all these things are so important in life.

Lastly, no Baby Dolls (no not carrying one...the dress ones!) Hey...if you got the legs for it & look good then why not. Sure ya can make you look pregnant...I would think a woman would know this though once she tried it on. And heck, how about all those tops they are making now that can make even the thinest person look pregnant. Get rid of those. They are so boxy & thin also...I hate them! They didn't say anything about Baby Doll nightwear? I love them. I'm surprised they didn't tell us to wear flannel & not to wear our man's button down shirts anymore! UGH!!!

Ok, is it just me that is crazy (don't answer that!) or do you also have problems with this? Is there anything else you would add or say is fine? And where is the list for guys then?

You know the Seniors have AARP...I think the 40 year olds should get organized! Maybe 30-50 or something? What do you think? This just has to stop! Just Livid!


chat2missie said...

I just read the same article on AOL.  I'm not giving up my crocs!  They can't make me! LOL

lilysparadise said...

My two daughters are always my first line of defense in the fashion department. They are the best critics that I have. Unfortunately for them though, I do not always listen to them. I go for comfort - leggings are a staple to my outfits. I dress for the occasion and my age (usually), after all, my daughters can wear those fads that go out of style in a few weeks. Been there, done that!
Sincerely, Rose~*

sunnyside46 said...

I am sticking with the same jeans and rock n roll t shirts I wore when I was 20 and to hell with fashion!