Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ahhh Clean Carpets!

I'm not sure if this is a sign of getting old, but it seems it takes very little to please me in comparison to younger ones. Today they came to clean my carpets & I'm sooo giddy about it! So fresh looking & smells nice. I've been in this apartment for 9 yrs and well the carpet cleaner said they were really good for 9 yrs but I am a clutz! I have a knack for making a mess...real fast too! HA! The steam cleaner guy was very nice to me and helpful. He said I could put one cat in the bedroom & then switch when he got the other done. I know the first time I spill something I'm going to be really pissed now! HA! I even wanted to get my car seats protected when I picked up my new SUV in Jan but of course my dad said, you can do it cheaper with Scotchguard...did I get that done before something got on them? NOPE! Have I done it yet? NOPE! Should it go on my to do list this week then...ya! Dusty seems to be ok, but Country just doesn't know what to make of this. I haven't been able to move my furniture back in yet...well he did it around the big furniture. I figured under the coach etc is fine since it has been there for 9 yrs...if anything dusty. Should be dry tomorrow morning. Country keeps licking his paws too ha! I went out to get something to eat since my lazyboy, coffee table etc are blocking my stove in my kitchen. Then I went to Kohls to look for some rugs???? to put by the litter boxes. Dusty has tuffs under his paws & drags the little throughout the place...amazing! I remember my grandmother use to have little throw rugs along the high traffic areas. I still remember her picking up pieces of paper off them & then she'd later pick them up & fling them outside. They moved from that house when I was about 12 yrs old. I found really a bathroom one in light purple & I'm going to see if it works. Does match the purple in my bedroom. I found a cute one for under their food. It has a white cat on it & says "Got Fish?" HA! And Kohls had 30-50% off rugs so they were cheap!!! Ahhh another smile...I love a great bargain!

Speaking of bargains...my ex emailed me about a book sale (ya he's been pretty decent) & I went to it Sat & you will not believe this...I got 28 CDs, 3 Language packages with 3 CDs, workbook & travel card, 5 DVDs, 6 books, these pilates hand balls and 2 text...get ready...you won't believe it....$10.50!!! Nope, I'm not lying! I would have had them for $4 if I had waited with my first patch. I try to watch my back and since I did not have a big strong guy to carry things for me I purchased the first set & said no biggie bring them to the car & come back & look around some more. Well the lady then announced all the books, CDs and DVDs you can fit in a big brown bag $2! The place went nuts. These are all new!!! they had ? some guitar is it PS3? I don't know for $40...it is $90 at Walmart I think. They had Halo Helmet? I think too. I got tons of Christmas CDs...well it is my favorite time of the year. I'm not sure if I will ever bet that bargain!

Now Meet Me In St. Louis is on TCM again... :-) Ahhh I'm just so happy! I really like Leon Ames (the father) he was in Life With Father & By the Light of the Silvery Moon and so many more. It brings back memories of watching them with my mom when I was a young girl.

Ok, lets see...then I was leaving to go eat & I drove up to my mailbox to see what surprises I had and as I read my mail a guy came by walking his dog, a big beagle type. He said I like your decal. I was trying to think what it was. I really didn't want to put any on it but then I remembered I put the blue one that matched that says "God Bless the American Soldier". I said thank you & asked if he was in the military. He said yes "Mame" (ugh!). I said thank you to him and he said you're welcome & flashed a cute smile turning his head back to me? Hmmm...then I go to Petsmart and I turn the aisle & some cute little dog comes up from behind me & starts licking my calf. I had cropped pants on! I was like "Hello!" I asked...nope female dog! HA! At least it could have been a male licking my calf...then just have to work my way to a human male! HA! Then I went to the restaurant & you know there are days when you think no one notices you at all. No one talks to you to say Hello, opens a door, doesn't even make eye contact. Well, then there are days when everyone is "noticing you" and you actually get self-conscious...is my zipper open? Do I have food on a very obvious place on my shirt...what..what is it people? I don't know? Everyone is smiling at me, and saying hi & being helpful? The guy next to me is telling me where the waitress is to wipe off my table, then this waiter that was from I don't know Bahamas or maybe like Nigeria? He had such a thick accent & talked fast I really could not understand him. He was helping me so much. Then I'm reading my "Eat, Pray, Love" Book (just started it) and I started to laugh out loud & he was next to me & I said I'm sorry & just explained & he said, "What is that book, I want to read it?" I'm like he apparently does not know it is a "chick book" but then he says to me quite straight forward, "Where is your Ring?"  I did not understand him at first, so he repeated it LOUDER! OMG! I just rolled my eyes in disbelief and said, "It doesn't matter!" I'm like I can't believe he said that! What a line...does he use that all the time...on just American women? And OMG he is like what maybe 25 yrs old! GEEZ! Like I need this! HA!!! Then I'm leaving & he says, "See you tomorrow!" I'm said, "I don't think so" and he says, "See you Friday", I said, "I don't think so!" I'm  still laughing...what is with my energy today?

Well...lets see what tomorrow brings!


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

My carpets are beyond cleaning they have been here too long and I need to really get some new carpet or some type of flooring...whaaaa...wishing you a good week..Hugs,TerryAnn

sugarsweet056 said...

I'm a lot like your gmother (the rugs & flinging them, lol).
Sounds like you had a lovely day.  ;)