Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Gentleman...Remove Your Caps!

Now there is one classy guy! I could not believe during tonights All Star Game they had to announce TWICE for the gentlemen (I use that loosely for them!) to remove their baseball hats during the national anthem! GEEZ! It is just sad! Yes, I'm old I guess. What is happening to the moral fiber huh...ha! No one moves over & stops for Ambulances, ok some, but many are not and guys are not opening doors for women anymore...I know Women's Lib etc but you about anyone open a door for anyone! Not as often anymore! When little boys do it I actually make a big deal of it in front of them mom's on how their mom must be wonderful (or their dad) and they will have all the girls liking them if they continue that...well some are in the girls are icky still but...many of them smile shyly it is soooo cute!

BTW...did you hear Josh Groban sing the national anthem? WOW! I'm waiting for it to be on Youtube! Just Awesome! I tried to back it up & record by my DVR hated me tonight I guess.

I was sad about the turnout of the game. We were looking great there for awhile! I'll be hearing about it from my brothers I'm sure.

Yes...I'm STILL up! Tried to fall asleep but my knee is hurting and my feet are cold? I got up & heated my bean thing in the microwave & stuck my feet on top of it. Adjusted the room temp & I'm going to try again. I need someone with hot feet I can put mine under. Ha! Dusty won't even lay across my feet geez!


garnett109 said...

very few manners are seen today

chat2missie said...

I've seen at games also where not many guys remove their hats anymore.  It's sad.  Seems manners along with honor have gone a stray.

dbp2000 said...

I agree about the lack of manners these days.  Side note:  Is it just me or does Robin Williams look more and more these days like he left his dentures out??  LOL