Saturday, July 5, 2008

What Does It Mean To You?

Good Morning!

Man, I was just telling Dusty last night when we went to bed that it is a rarity to be able to go to sleep & wake up when whenever! Yesterday that was great. This morning I wake up just before 6am. Temperature thingie. First too cold, then too hot? The birds were thrilled they had breakfast so the boys thought where is ours! got up and fed them...of course with each age I get older the bathroom seems to be calling me more urgently. So....I was up! No fighting it. Stayed up & did this entry a bit & a few other things for a few hours & then I couldn't keep my eyes open so I layed back down, only to wake up & my computer lost its internet connect. Its been doing this since Dell redid my operating system? Have to call them.

Well how was your 4th? Mine was a quiet one. Our town is doing fireworks tonight actually. Luckily, I just have to go right outside my door. This year it will be minus the boyfriend though. I saw some fireworks the week before for our town's festival. They were cool. I liked this video on What The Flag Means, though I wish they had more women and what happen to a more diverse population? Still a good start. So what does it mean to you? Has anyone watched The Band of Brothers series? Put it on your must watch list! Make sure to watch the actual interviews on the last disk! I watched it for my Psychology & WWII courses I took a couple of summers ago & it just amazed me & I learned soooo much!

Well more posts coming...enjoy your weekend!


garnett109 said...

What old glory means to me, well since I have put in a flag poll in my yard last year and 20 years serving her, she means, pride, bravery,honor, respect, love, compassion, deversity,happiness and a flying memorial for the dead that fought to protect her.
God bless our soldiers past and  present.

chat2missie said...

I'm glad you're enjoying your holiday weekend.