Saturday, July 5, 2008

What Does That Mean!

These AOL features drive me nuts! They are so commercial! Take this one "It's Ok To Want Bigger & Better" they are not advertising Viagra! Yes, I'd probably have a problem with that too but...its about wanting a bigger diamond ring. Great! Just sell the women on the idea that the diamond is the most important thing you want from the man you supposedly love so much you would be poor with. Maybe they will change that in the vows..."For richer & even richer!" OMG! Look at this quote on the last slide of this feature...

Just because you want to upgrade your ring doesn't mean you are superficial or are not happy with your marriage. On the contrary upgrading your ring can be a testament to how much your love and relationship has grown.

So...if you can't buy a bigger one then what does that mean? He doesn't love me enough or he would get a fourth job to get it? Give me a BREAK! No wonder so many men do not want to get married. I'd be there with them! And no wonder so many divorced men are so bitter. I would be too! This should be on some pre-wedding test! Yep, I just saw the Robin Williams movie, HA, and you know what I think they should go through some type of test today! What would you put on it? So many are getting married and have not asked the right questions! I tell my students do the movie first & then go to dinner & talk. They go out for 5 years but don't even know each other because they rarely talk! Quick dinner & off to the movies. I had a female student once who was arguing with her fiance, also in my class & after she watched the Happiness video I show she no longer wanted a bigger diamond, no cared about it. (Yes, any guys who want to know the title to show your lady just email me Ha!)

Maybe it is just me...but wasn't the ring initially just a gold band. Am I saying I wouldn't want a diamond...No...but I'm also saying I don't NEED it. Our Needs & Wants have gotten so screwed up in this world today! Heck, my little niece knows even the shape I'd like (heart shape) but I wouldn't mind if it was some unique stone and setting. I have an aunt who has a emerald and it is beautiful! There is something to be said for the idea that the man you love so much you would die for (!) picked it out himself. I love asking people how they proposed etc. My one great aunt told me she didn't get a ring...she didn't want it. Her husband gave her a watch! :-) Maybe she needed that?

Why would one want to upgrade? Well, one might say as an anniversary thing/gift, but I could not get rid of the ring I was actually married in! Just do something different for an anniversary for me! If you want another band or earings but don't touch my ring. Does a bigger ring mean you will be happier? Does it mean your marriage will be more successful? Some my quip, "Ya because you made her happy." (BIG PATHETIC "HA!") I'd argue you'll be less happy & successful because this women is not grounded & does not know what is most important in life! She'll then want bigger and better on everything throughout your life. You'll never be able to make her happy! And when you don't...she'll move on to someone else who can in her mind! Just like the one slide says too...time to upgrade those earings. Good God! Get a job girl & buy your own bigger earings! I see people with all the bling & then they are complaining about gas prices or can't afford their textbooks or to eat healthier, or they are in debt until they die! That is why our economy is crashing! is due to women (and some men!) who just don't get what is really important in life! Ok, someone can probably find something I'm not being wise on financially, I'm not perfect but at least I know that love is not shown through $$$$$.

The only thing to me that represents the committment of what a marriage means is what is in your heart and how you take that feeling and spend each moment together. That does not even require rings! As they say, the ring is just a symbol. The person who really knows what marriage is about doesn't even need that symbol! Heck, you CAN just tell someone who is "wanting to know"..."YES, I am very much in love & only want to be with him/her the rest of my life!" Now if your spouse heard, no size diamond would be better than that! Would I still want to get my husband a ring. Sure, but I wouldn't not be starting out saying the most expensive or the "in thing" etc. It would be something very meaningful from me. Or heck we could do them together.

Did this piece just tick me off...OH YA!


garnett109 said...

when they say tie the knot i'm thinking string

chat2missie said...

In a marriage, it's not the size of the diamond that matters........LOL
Sorry, couldn't resist!