Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Garth's new Ultimate Hits came out & you can pick up a regular one (I do like the pix) or you can order it via The Komen Project in the pink cover where it cost $15 & $10 goes to the Komen organization! Ya Garth! Apparently, Trisha did the 3 day walk & he wanted to help out also! You can read the interview here.

Is anyone going to the telecast of this concert next week in a theater? I may! I'll let you know. I watched the first DVD of his concert set last week. My boyfriend has it. I keep putting that & the CD set on my Christmas list but Santa never brings it to me I tell ya...and it is really cheap now so... HA! And geez Santa I'm already listing to Christmas music & I just put on some jingle bell thick socks I got at K-Mart today so the cats are going nuts with me jingling all over the place! HA! :-)

Hey...I see the Poll pathetic I just see it now! I could have been having fun before! Ugh!  Ok so lets see if I can make one on which CD you will purchase? Like I have a lot of readers? Ugh...well send them here on this great way to raise money for Breast Cancer & they can do the poll & maybe they'll return.

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chat2missie said...

sorry, not a Garth fan here.  Enjoy your Thursday.

specialadyfink said...

I don't like Garth anymore since he dumped his wife...not very nice......don't like Trisha any more neither.......

sunnyside46 said...

well, I'm glad he got over that crazy phase where he changed his name and pretended to be a rock n roll singer. Remember that? What did he call himself?