Saturday, November 24, 2007

Ready, Set... graphic isn't working even though I saved as a gif? Any ideas?

Hi! Got this from Winivere...want to play along? You save the picture & place on your journal & then link back to mine. Then add your link here!

We missed the snow we were suppose to get Thurs. They are predicting now for next weekend but we'll see by the time it gets here.


swibirun said...

When I did these on my old AOL journal, I know that I had to save the file to my file manager on AOL and then link it via html instead of just putting it in their photo option in the journal.  That's been a long time ago so it's probably changed.

chat2missie said...

I use photbucket for animated gifs.

winivere2002 said...

Well, what do you know? I found you! Same question~ what did you do? AOL will not upload animated gifs.

First, save the animated graphic as .gif in your computer. Next, I am not promoting but this is the only one I know of~ go to Photobucket and create an account. It is free. Use BROWSE to upload an image from your computer to Photobucket. Then, open your entry on AOL. You will see a camera icon. Click on that. There will be four options listed on the left. Click on URL. Go back to Photobucket and right click on Direct Link address to copy it. Go back to opened entry and paste URL in space provided. Wait until it says "Done." Close camera section and image should be there.