Saturday, November 3, 2007

Only 1 extra hour???

Well, did you remember this weekend we change our clocks??? :-) Yipee! I could use the extra hour of sleep...especially since the night before last I only got 6 hours of sleep because I was getting quizzes ready & so I wanted to sleep in today & I woke up at 7:30! Ugh! So again another night of 6 hours! And I have a big work dinner tonight...yes...dress-up! HA! And I'm getting my baby to dress up! Wow!!! Well he is Mr. sports t-shirts sooo, but he cleans up very nicely! :-) I'm hoping telling him how sexy he looks will get him to do it more often! HA! I'm still surprised he didn't purposely get scheduled for work. He is still on call...there is a chance he will be saved! HA!

So, tonight nice filet dinner! :-) Maybe that is worth him dressing up! HA! Ah he probably knows I'll buy him a few beers too! :-) And wouldn't you know it I miss my hair apt yesterday. Wasn't on my calendar? Man! I really need to perk it up! Next Thurs now...don't let me forget! HA! I have it on my calendar now though.

I hope I do get to sleep better tonight, tomorrow I'm picking up my niece & taking her to see the Bee Movie & then in the evening I'm taking her to the Broadway Production of "Annie". I'm sooo excited for her to see it. I still remember my paternal grandfather & my step grandmother taking my siblings & I to see it downtown when we were kids. She loves singing & dancing so I think she will like it. It may also soften the blow that my cousin, who she has been madly in love with since she was about 2 yrs old, just got engaged! HA! I'm too chicken to tell her. I told him he would have to! HA! Maybe I'll call him so he can tell her! He is lucky he is out in CA!

My baby took me to our local preserve yesterday & we walked for over an hour, about 7 miles, looking at the fall colors, which I'll just say really have not peaked due to our unseasonably warm weather this year. Maybe next week. I picked up some HUGE leaves & I'm going to try to preserve them? Maybe frame them? I pointed out 2 deer too! :-) The squirrels were going nuts...ha! My goof was teasing me that one dropped his nut! Ugh...I said maybe it was a female! HA! Lots of Robins still sticking around. I had a great time. Hope we can do it again. See it takes very little to please me! HA!

Well, I better get in the shower & start running my errands. Have to go get my nails done, check on my outfit...I have the sparkly black 2 piece (pants) which has feathers on the wrists...I'm hoping I can wear it, if not I have to go shopping...ugh.

Hope you have an extra hour of sweet dreams! :-)


chat2missie said...

Have a great time with your niece.

mariealicejoan said...

Our clocks went ahead one hour last weekend, and I am still trying to recover!  I don't know what it is but the older I get the harder time I have handling it!!!

sunnyside46 said...

I want to see a picture of yall all duded up