Sunday, November 11, 2007

Santa Yelled At Me!

Ok, I take my little niece to one of the big malls up north. We were suppose to see the Rockettes open up the Christmas Season but ONE of my brothers told me it would only take an hour to get there....WRONG! So we saw the Rockettes getting in the bus! Ugh! My little niece says, "That is ok" so sympathetically. I was more disappointed than she was. HA! Well, she saw their big show the last 2 yrs & knows we are going this year too. I still thought it would be fun. We did get a coupon for a discount for the show so that helps.

So I then take her to see Santa! :-) Yes, she still seems to believe but she did tell me she was going to tell Santa what she wanted but not me...ah ha...testing it a bit! HA! Well, I got the little elves to help me out there! ;-) There was no line so she didn't have to worry about how much time she spent with Santa. They were having a mighty big conversation! I hope she put in my list too. As she was on his lap, there was a camera crew and a woman asked if it was ok if they didn't edit her out if they could use it for local advertising. I said sure. We'll see if she makes the final cut. They took some pictures too. Not too many kids were going by Santa all day I noticed...hmmm. Well, she and Santa were taking a great deal of time & I didn't want her to be wearing out her welcome so I said, "Ready?" Santa turned to me & said "NO!" He was not happy! OMG! I pissed off Santa...I'm in soooooo much trouble now! My niece thought it was funny. I reminded her to tell Santa she left her mp3 player in her jeans pocket & washed it or the one she has at home. She told him yes but then proceeded to tell Santa that Grandpa (my dad) washed his cell phone that way too! HA! She told grandpa that last night on the computer video...ha!

I wore the Reindeer Ear crown hat they gave. HA! We met my sister & went to the Rainforest Cafe for lunch. My niece had never been there. We sat next to one of the Salt Water tanks & she kept watching the fish & pointing out Dory (Nemo!). We then shopped a bit. I need 2 new coats, a long one & a everyday one. No lie, my long hooded one is from 1987! Madigans..which no longer exists! HA! Well all the hooded ones these days are so damn thin. They just don't make things like they use to...yep I'm old! HA! It kept me mighty warm in graduate school in the windy city! No luck though! Ugh! That is the takes me a while to decide what I want & then when I do I can't find it. Then of course I love it so much that I keep it forever! HA! Actually, now that I think about it...this might explain relationships with me too! HA! Ugh!

Well, my niece actually was asking to go home...she was tired. HA! She also wanted to play with her friends. We ended up heading home & stopping to eat. My brother (yes the one who was off on the time!) met us with a girl he use to date 9 yrs ago! God help me! They are "just friends" Ah Ha! She is also 9 yrs younger than him with hair down to her butt! HA! I don't know...I think he just fell in love back then & that is it! Hmmm.

Then we went home & watched Ratatoulie, which I bought my niece for Halloween instead of adding to the candy pile. Today we headed to IHOP & I had some pumpkin pancakes. Not too bad. Oh speaking of pumpkin...ha...this same he is not looking all that great right now but....he buys a pumpkin pie last night. He is defrosting it. Then he reads that it is not cooked! Ugh! It takes 1 hr to cook. Then my niece lets it cool a bit but tries to cut me a piece...mushy. Then he reads it has to cool for 2 hours! HA! It is a gene in our family for the males!!!! They read directions after the fact! I teased him about it!

Well, after she headed to her daddy's for a little while, I went shopping to see what was in this year for Christmas decor. Not much sales but Michael's is out of stuff already Man! Last year I got a whole bunch of Elves on sale at the end of the year at Joann's. I'll take a picture but I got a sign, made a wreath with one & then a bunch for my bench. Now I'm all Elf happy & can't find any! Also, there are no Moose to be found! I love moose? Don't ask me why I just do...maybe the woods idea. I was also looking for the garland that had a bit of snow & pine cones...small bunches of greenry? Hard to explain but I can't find that either! Ugh! I got some these green garland shaped snowflakes with snow on them. Very cool. Going to hang them. I'll take pictures! I also found 2 presents for my sister tonight! YA! Snowman fondue & then a snowman condiment thing with lots of hats to fill. I'm all ready to decorate for Christmas but I want to do Thanksgiving first? Oh well, only a few weeks left.

Well, I guess I got a check mark from Santa so now I'll have to go do some good deed to balance it out. I'm going to get cleaning & decorating a bit now for a few hours & then grade & get ready for tomorrow. Nice 3 day weekend but still never enough time Ha!


mariealicejoan said...

hahaha, I have never gotten a naughty check from Santa!  (yes I am one of those obnoxious goodie two shoes!)

chat2missie said...

I make sure to never get on Santa's bad list! LOL

sunnyside46 said...

yeah, you'd better get it together!
I'm so excited about Christmas.
Santa loves ME.
NaNa Na Na Na!