Monday, November 19, 2007

Cops...Gotta Love Em

Ok, I forgot to post this when I mentioned going with my niece to try to see the Rockettes up north at a HUGE mall! We are coming back on a major expressway and we come up to a line of 4 (maybe 6?) buses. These are chartered buses with darkened windows & I can see some guys in the seats but that is all I can tell. Now at the beginning, end & in between the buses are Indiana cops! Each car a different type, state, county & some city ones...all different colors. Ok, so my niece & I are trying to figure out who is in the buses, especially since this is her home state. She is waving to the officers like they are her friends! HA! Well, you know kids! I call my oldest of my two brothers to see if he might know...he says that Indiana was playing Northwestern so maybe it is them returning home. Ok! Well I manage to pass them until we get to the tollbooth & almost all go through the I-Pass but no...I haven't gotten one yet. So then I'm back cruising & catching up to them again. I pass a few in the middle lane & then get exactly 1/2 way alongside one & this bus decides he is going to go in front of me. Now mind you I'm still making progress! The buses have their hazards on so even if the goofy bus driver signaled you'd never know & he should have looked in his side-view mirror & waited for me to pass! Not to mention make sure no one is behind me that is going to hit me if I have to stop fast to let him in front of me. Now was there any reason he had to get in my lane? NO! The other buses were in the right other reason! I hit my brakes in disbelief & tell my niece NEVER to drive like the bus driver & teach her why...well she has 5 1/2 years...never too early in my opinion considering how 16 yr old drivers are! HA!

Ok, so then you'd think the cop behind him just might have an issue with the bus driver's lane movement skills...NOPE...he speeds up & gets between the two of us! I was FURIOUS! Didn't they ever get the mother lecture on "If your friend jumped off a bridge..." Well that was it! I had to teach my niece...I grab my cell phone & find my state cops in my addressbook...yep unfortunately I've had to use it too many times that they are in there! Well, not only if I needed help but I call for others! I don't care if they recognize my number when I call...they are here to "serve & protect me" and that they will do for the money I pay them. Actually, I really wouldn't mind if they "served & protected me" in person...did I say that outloud! HA! Well, there was a brown van one night HORIZONTAL across the lanes with no lights when I was heading home on a major highway ETC...I need it trust me! Ok, so I called our state cops on the Indiana state cops & these buses! HA! I don't care! They are going to hurt someone if not themselves! I may even write a letter or email the Indiana state cops tomorrow on this. Just crazy! Go back to your own state & drive crazy...we have enough of our own crazy drivers...we don't need anymore! HA!


mariealicejoan said...

My ex husband was a cop.  Left a bad taste in my mouth for em, needless to say!

sunnyside46 said...

I think cops are hot!
That bus would've scared me, too.
Glad you stood up for yourself!