Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Garth Concert

Hi Everyone!

I just got back from seeing the Garth Brooks Concert in our local theater. My baby Chris took me! :-) He had been to a Garth Brooks concert but I never have & if I could not be in Kansas City this was the next best thing! I had soooo much fun. It was a bit different obviously but in some ways great too because you could see him much better.

I was told his concert was to go to 11:15pm but we left about 9:40. It started at 8pm. He didn't do all the songs I would have liked, like Standing Inside the Fire, but I cried during The Dance....well I couldn't help it! HA!

And I loved when he said "If you wait for me, I promise I'LL BE BACK" YES! Maybe I can actually see him in concert one day! He is so hot! I love him! He is so sweet & tender and yet the bad boy wild side! Ha! I know, I know I'm not thrilled about the cheating thing but I am for the figuring out if you are not happy and find out what your heart really needs and wants & getting it. Not good for either party to be unhappy & not getting everything their heart deserves. You only have 1 life you know. It isn't fair to the other person either. My folks will be married 45 yrs next July & they are still madly in love. They want to die together & be burried that is what it should be about! I do believe in the committment and promises but I think when the other person doesn't hold up their promise then it is not suppose to be that you suffer and that is very different than the sickness & health etc where you are going through it as love partners because you believe in each other! People do change and sometimes you can go with them and help them but just like an alcoholic or whatever has to admit and want to change for the better this is true of anything in life. Sometimes the other person just doesn't get what love is about & relationships can't always be repaired. It also does take two and usually not just one person...sometimes but usually not. Anyways...I guess I'm saying I'm just thrilled he is happy & life is sooo much better for everyone now. I'm thrilled he is really on a great part of his path of life & still giving of his God given gifts to us.

The concert was great in that he really seemed to be out their helping us party or enjoy. The crowd was almost louder than him sometimes singing & he let them sing a lot & just "helped them" so to speak. He still was GB at times and his little ego, which is always good for everyone at times, but he also just humbly let us enjoy his music and served rather than partook himself at times. He wasn't as wild, flying or smashing guitars, but that can be later. Tricia didn't come out but I read on the website she was having vocal problems earlier in the week. He sold out all 9 shows & had something like 159,775 people total. That is just awesome. Then at $10 a person in the theaters around the world...good chunk of change I'd say! HA!

I'm just thrilled I got to go since I had a migraine classroom was 83 degrees...we blew something with the air conditioners again. My office was 71 it went away after taking my meds & 1/2 hr nap. Got to wear my cowboy boots, ok with orthotics (sign of getting old! HA!) but they are not hurting my foot so that is great! It was freezing though with the wind. 57 degrees. YIPES! Going to be colder tomorrow and I have to go downtown...ugh.

Oh check your local theaters...tomorrow they have an encore performance! I don't know why there was no advertising? No poster up etc. I just found out on his website about a month ago but you'd think they would have advertised? Not sure why?



mariealicejoan said...

I have always loved Garth Brooks.  I have just about every one of his albums.  That is one thing I really miss over here, Country Music.  I was so wishing I could have seen the CMA's.  I wish England would get their act together and get some country music going!

chat2missie said...

Glad you had a great time.

swibirun said...

I liked hearing your thoughts on relationships in the middle of a concert review.  It shows how music can spur thoughts and ideas.  Arts and entertainment are NOT a mindless escape, rather they are a mindful experience.  

Great post!

Have a great weekend!

sunnyside46 said...

how sweet about your parents...
glad you had fun. From what I have seen, he is a dynamic performer.