Wednesday, November 7, 2007

No Hugging? What is Next?

School officials drive me nuts! Look at this video clip of a school that has banned Hugging...well public shows of affection is what they said! As the parents said, what is next High Fives, handshakes...geez I get the idea that they may not want kids mauling their girlfriends & grabbing a** in the hallway...dang they take all the fun out of H.S. but geez! And ya then they graduate & go nuts in college...this is why they then have Girls Gone Wild! HA! We need to be teaching them what are proper ways to express, the place & time etc. But still...give me a break, how many of you were under the bleachers at football games...HA! Hugging just does not make sense...but then there is hugging & then there is a full body rub! HA! And we know it doesn't take much for boys during adolescence...what torture! OH....what are they suppose to do for dances then? HA! No hugging so...good God it will be like Footloose! HA! I think these school officials have been without a hug for too long! We should be having them give hugs for Wellness! What will this lead to next? Ugh!


mariealicejoan said...

All this political correctness crap drives me up the wall!  where will it end!

specialadyfink said...

before long it will be violating some sort of law to even say *cyberhugs to ya*

chat2missie said...

Without hugs, this world would be cold! LOL

fisherkristina said...

Wow.  Not being allowed to hug?  That's insane.


hohumzzz23 said...

oh geez, that's just ridiculous.

sunnyside46 said...

sounds like they need a hug!