Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Not too much time but I just wanted to come on & say I have a Big Ouchie...good thing I had the funnies for stress relief yesterday. I was leaving work & right at my car, one more step & I would have be at the door & my right ankle twisted under me & down I went! Ugh! My left knee got cut up a bit & my ankle is not too good. I was trying to get to the train to go to PT! I got up & stepped on my foot & I could walk on it sorta ok so I got in the car & figured my PT person can take a look at it. We did my exercises avoing it & she did the stem (4 pads) on my foot/ankle with ice & then 4 on my upperback with heat. Odd thing is I could not feel the stem at all on my foot & she was really kinda surprised. She apparently had it up real high! Ugh! Of course I had to walk to & from the train & drive back..yep right foot! Ugh! Now I have to finish packing & head up North to my folks place. My sis & I are going to have our own little Thanksgiving. I have to go shopping at Meyers tonight yet...ugh...and I think I can still refuse to use one of those electronic carts! I just can't do that yet! I'll ice it & put it up when I boil the sweet potatoes or something. I can relax it tomorrrow. I hope it doesn't prevent me from shopping Fri? 2 weeks left of the term & this...well it still isn't real bad so count my blessings and pray it gets a lot better over the weekend! I just don't want to have to go explain this to Dr. Z! He'll just shake his head at me & mom will be sending me more bubble wrap! Ugh!


chat2missie said...

Oh no!!  Hope your okay, Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

mariealicejoan said...

Oh dear, I hope this doesn't cause you any long term problems.  I also hope that you have a great Thanksgiving!

sunnyside46 said...

I hope you are ironic to injure yourself on the way to PT