Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Early Turkey Day Stress Relief!

Well I needed this myself! Its that time of the year when one predictably starts to hear the chanting of "Its not fair!!!" From kids...nope! College Students! Ugh! Yep, put it in the syllabus, have a calendar, instructions what else...but still not fair! Ugh! 2 more weeks, just 2 more weeks! HA! Then of course the holiday break is filled with "family" ha! Well, you just never know how that will go each year! HA! After classes tomorrow I have PT so I'll get back about 8pm then have to pack up & head up north & do some shopping...God I hope I can get up to watch the parades & Miracle on 34th Street etc...I guess I can nap in the afternoon! HA!

Well, first here is a link to the Adam Sandler Turkey Song.  Youtube is doing a good job taking it off their site so best I could do. I prefer the one where he is performing live & tells the audience he loves them & to stop clapping etc but this will do.

Next, for those of you who are old enough to remember WKRP in Cincinnati you'll love these! :-) I'll try to post again ASAP but it will get a bit hectic starting tomorrow. After the Turkey Sleep drug wears off I'll try to come back! HA!


mariealicejoan said...

My kids always loved the turkey song.  It just wouldn't be Thanksgiving for any of them without hearing it at least once, and usually being sung by the oldest!

chat2missie said...

I love his Turkey Song!