Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Dr. Z's Happy!

Well, I got a soft cast today. Looks like above, few layers of cast material & then ace bandage. Dr. Z. said he was surprised that it was not as bad as he imagined but I did a pretty good job, managing to upset 4 ligaments so far! Ugh! At least no big cast or the walking boot. :-) It is hurting more now because it is making me walk "the right way" rather than how it wants to go, which was weak & leaning toward the right & not really supporting me. Problem was I was at a different location than their main place & I had to go downstairs for x-rays. They took an hour to check in 2 people before me & the woman got all sarcastic with me. I'm making a phone call on her tomorrow! By that time they got me in & realized the soft cast is casting a shadow, Dr Z. said just wait a week & come in & get it x-rayed & then he will check it. Originally it was going to be 2 weeks but I think he is happier actually. I don't really think anything is broken anyway & I'm just thrilled he is not thinking MRI. We'll see.

I thought you might find this interesting...he said to take my foot bath & put water & ice in it & use a thermometer to get the temp to 45-50 degrees. Then I have to put my cast saver on & soak my foot. He said they found out colder or warmer than this just doesn't do the trick. Hmmm.

Well, I'm really exhausted & my foot is hurting so I think I'll just go to bed & get some sleep & rest the foot. I'm only going to PT on Thurs so that helps & not sure about tomorrow yet...depends on the weather. I was planning on taking my little niece to see the Rockettes but she is not feeling well the last few days & I heard on the radio rain/snow so???? Goofy week...feel like my schedule is moment to moment changing. Oh well....

Sweet Dreams!


mariealicejoan said...

Well now that you got the cast sorted out, lets hope that you foot soon is on the mend!

chat2missie said...

Hope the foot mends fast.

sunnyside46 said...

well, use this time to relax a little.
It's a sign you need some good novels, a hot toddy and maybe a Lifetime movie.
Once my husband hurt his ankle and he had to walk all over the hospital and go to three different places due to insurance snags. Every place he went, they said, "you really ought to stay off that foot"

swibirun said...

OUCH!  Quit making my feet hurt.  

Thanks for the tip on water temp.


jayveerhapsody said...

I know it sounds like a cliche, but I can feel your pain! Please take care of that foot and get well soon!      Jon