Thursday, November 3, 2005

Wknd Asgn #84: What's Happening Here?

Weekend Assignment #84: What's Happening Here?

I thought we'd try something a little different for this week's Weekend Assignment, something to stretch those creative muscles in your brain:

Weekend Assignment #84: Take a look at the picture below. Tell us what you think is going on in the picture. You can write as long as you want, or as short as you like -- even a photo caption works. Now, it's a fairly weird picture, but I thought that would just give you more to work with. Ready? Here you go:

Hey, I told you it was odd. Remember, I am a science fiction writer.

(And yes, you can borrow the picture when you write it up in your blog or journal.
Here's the direct URL; you can just copy the URL and link directly to the picture or download it onto your computer and into your own Hometown space. Also feel free to fiddle with it in a photo-editing program if you have one and you want to.)

Extra Credit: Would you like to see more "explain what's going on in the picture" sort of assignments? Not every one would be as odd as this one, mind you. But I want to keep the assignments fresh and fun, and this might be a way to do it from time to time.

Remember, the purpose of the Weekend Assignment is to go back to your own blog or journal, write up the assignment, and then come back here to leave a link in the comment thread. Commenting directly is fine if you don't have a blog or journal (although you can
always make one!), but if you do, leaving a link after writing up your Weekend Assignment is a great way to get people to visit your Journal and see what's happening.

You've got the photo above: Now tell us all what you think is going on! Personally, I'm very interested to see what you all come up with.

* Publishing a book
* Traveling to Chicago
* Keeping track of 3 different computers
* Kkeeping up with a beautiful and energetic daughter
* My "Honey-Do" List
* There is mom too
* All those AOL Postings
* Dressing so Snappy
* ETC, ETC, ETC....

John says..."Man is that sun hot coming through the window! "

Little did John know it was not the sun but his innerself saying - "I'm melting, I'm melting!" Now we know what a "meltdown" looks like! :-)
Extra Credit: YES! These are fun!


lurkynat said...

dear Deborah,
Ahh! the ginko is his inner self...... Clever, clever clever!

deslily said...

LOL.. i think John has started something!  

(wow you read that long journal page?  didn't think anyone would lol..but hadda write it)

pixiedustnme said...

Oh MELTING!!  I didn't even think of that one - good job!

gdireneoe said...

OOO!  Good one.  I didn't think of it that way. ;)  C.

cinisoul said...

clones are sensitive to light.  LOL