Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Not Just an Ordinary Lunchbox!

Hillary Swank

Check out the Lunchbox.org site! They are auctioning celebrity lunchboxes to benefit the FoodBank of NY City! Other major cities should be doing this!!

On the site you need to click on their logos...kinda confusing. Scroll down to the bottom & view the current bids. Look at Bono price! Way ahead...do you think he is padding his own price? Ha! Especially looking the box. Click on the Item number. Must be just the name, because it doesn't thrill me! John Kerry's interesting. Karen Elson...hmmm guess that is ART! HA!

If you were going to design a lunchbox what would it look like?


rap4143 said...

Wouldn't it be fun creating our own :).....thinking of my theme!!!

dreamingbrwneyes said...

I would want to put all my favorite things on it, rainbows, butterflies, seashells, pink flowers, it would come out looking tacky I guess LOL.