Wednesday, November 16, 2005


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Ok, so if they are going to put banners. then I might as well promote what I want!!!!!

Can we sue for false advertising by AOL...they certainly are not listening to the customers!
So much for the AOL commercials with Julia Roberts saying AOL listens to its customers! When the heck did any of us say we wanted banners on our journals? This keeps up & everything is going to look like the racing car plastered with sponsers!

Gee...John you might have a Viagra Banner.

At the very least why not have a selection of topical banners we can choose from. Perhaps I would take educational ones etc.

How many people really are going to click on those banners when reading a journal?

I can just see looking at Judith's latest beautiful painting & saying, "You know, I do need a new mortage" and click on the banner!

I can see reading the latest Dear Abbey on Mrs. L.'s journal & saying "You know, I do need to book my hotel reservations to visit that family I miss so dearly!"

I can just see reading the latest from Love Train & saying "You know, I really do need to get some mutual funds!"

Give me a break!


rap4143 said...

"I can just see looking at Judith's latest beautiful painting & saying, "You know, I do need a new mortage" and click on the banner!"
LOL I hope not!!!!

luvincreations said...

I thought banners were to pay for a free service my bad I though Journals on AOL were part of the service we pay for. Aol needs to get a grip! I don't think AOL has listened to their customers. Blah!


randlprysock said...

Yes, this is breaking everyone's spirit here in J Land.  A very sad day for J Land.

lurkynat said...

lol Deborah
I love your suggestions to let people pick theri promo!
hugs ,nat

judithheartsong said...

I will never eat at Quiznos again and will not patronize ANY services advertised on these banners. Bye bye Ebay. You have a wonderful day my friend. judi

deslily said...

have you decided what you will do yet??? if anything...    i am so jumbled.  I've done so much I can't decide what to do.. I backed up ALL my journal (it's small I had an advantage there)  I went to blogspot and opened a journal but i don't feel comfortable.. I then read about aol UK and went there and opened a page.. exactly like this minus the banner!.. but wonder "how long?" before AOL does the same to that one?????????   I envy those that made their choice so easily.

swibirun said...

Here here!


dcmeyer420 said...

Actually, this is a good idea. Maybe I should do this because I am a theatre nut and I can put all the Broadway shows and their tour dates on my blog. It will be a sort of public service.

deslily said...

so have you moved? how can we find you????

eml625 said...

I thought the same thing....who really is going to click on these banners, when we all hate them ???? Answer that  AOL .