Sunday, November 13, 2005

14 going on 18! Ugh!

Ok, I guess I am really getting old now! Ugh! First my 8 yr old niece says a boy smiles at her on the bus & now my 14 yr old niece just told me yesterday she received her first kiss last week. Now, I'm not even going to tell her I was much younger than was a different time then! HA!

I'm not even her mom! I can't imagine if I was! YIPES! Apparently, it is the boy next door! He is a soph. and like 6 foot tall. She's about 5'6" because I'm 5'8". She also got a her nails done this weekend...acrylic with french manicure! UGHHHHHHH! I'm not ready for this! Ha! She was just this shy 5 yr old yesterday!  

I did ask her if he actually asked her if he could kiss her. That makes a huge difference to me & tells me something about him. He did. Pretty good. I didn't hear her complaining so he must have passed the kiss test...then again, what does she have to compare to at this point, so he is lucky! HA! I'll have to go check this guy out! HA! Oh Boy!

Her father (my bro) seems to be taking it in stride...right! You'd think of all people he would be worried. I remember my mom saying she was not worried about "us girls". It was the boys she was more worried about! HA! Probably rightly so! I forgot to ask her if it was a "foot popping" one! HA! Actually, I'm not sure I've even had a "foot popping" one! HA!

I think my first kiss was being grabbed in a Haunted House! HA! Seriously...Catholic School no less! Ha! Some 8th grader...can't remember how old I was, maybe 6th grade? I looked older! He was good, so there wasn't a complaint from me. HA! Not sure if he thought I was someone else, but I guess I passed! Ha! I really don't count him though. There were some others, but I think the first crush is the one I'd count seriously. A guy I met at an open gym my friends & I went to. Unfortunately, his friend said he liked me & when he found out we liked each other, he decided not to bring him anymore! My first broken heart!

Do you remember your first kiss?


deslily said...

Ummm.. yeah lol.. i believe it was called "spin the bottle" lol

lurkynat said...

Dear Deborah,Sigh
The teens are making way too much of a production of it now Deborah and my littel guy got his feelings hurt again by thei adorable littel woman (14 also) who does nto believe that dating is fun! go figure It probably isnt fun given teh curent peer pressure. Yikes indeed