Sunday, November 6, 2005

11 Days & Counting

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Yep, I can't wait until Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire comes to the theaters! :-) I'm getting soooo excited! HA!

View the trailer!

Would you like to see the Premiere in NY? Enter to Win!

So will you be there for the first showing?


deslily said...

I'm with you on this one!!!.. I love the harry potter books AND the movies!  I adore "Ron" (he has the best expressions and funniest lines).  Love Hagrid! (big loveable teddy bear that he is lol)  And Maggie Smith is one of my absolute favorite actresses. ( I love everything she is in)  
I'll be interesed in seeing the makeup they put on Warwick Davis this time.. since I just met him at an autograph show.

Funny.. these books/ movies were made for "young adults"... boy, I've got the corner on being the OLDEST, young adult! hahaha..

There should be excellent special effects in this movie.. the book had alot of things you "know" had to go to the "graphics people"..
can't wait!!!!........

deslily said...

About Stinkey.. he's not my cat.. but, he won't let you brush his tummy or his back legs and about every 3 years he's so matted up the only thing to do is to give his a haircut... funny thing is.. he loves it! lol

lurkynat said...

Hey Deborah! I want to go too soon! I cna't stnad the crowds so I'm going when the opneing is over but it should be promising! Did your eadd allof the books or which ones? love,nat

thelovetrain said...

No, I won't be there for the first showing. Though, as an artist, I love Harry Potter cinema special effects.

Wow, 'you', Doc' Debbie...

I much enjoyed your interview, "The Power of Language". Your ABC News 'book' link is no longer valid, though.

Still reading six books at a time (grins). I did know a single Veterinarian... He was more interested in his girlfriend's horse's rear-end, than he was her. Kinky, I'm telling you, and not in a companionship beneficial way. [:P]

Thanks for visiting. I hope that you'll return again. I imagine that I will. [:)]

~Brian @---->---