Saturday, November 5, 2005

Its Raining, Its Pouring...

And the cats are snoring....well I don't have an "Old Man" so! HA!

Some major "boom booms" here! One sounded like firecrackers. Never heard thunder like that before. We're still in some major yellow/orange cover on the Weather Channel. Man if it just was cold...this would be major snow probably! :-)

Well, I did get a good amount of shopping down at Penneys! MAJOR sales! 1/2 off & then coupons for $10 or $15 off if you spent a certain amount. Got my 14 yr old niece things for her newly painted lime green bedroom. Squoosh pillows with Lucky Charms, Dubble Bubble, Sprees & Jolly Ranchers. Shhh don't tell her! :-) A lovely lime green blanket & furry pillow too. Found my little niece a zebra ornament & a pink blanket. Few other things too.

My only problem is I'm sooooo slow. Haven't mentioned it yet but I found out about a week & half ago that I'm very anemic. I had been telling the doctor since we went back to school I was very exhausted. I'm use to doing like 5 things a day & I was so exhausted I didn't think I could drive home one day. Well, then I started to feel not my usually "odd" Ha! Went to the ER. My intern's nurse was like you have been on crutches for 9 weeks & only walking 20 min an hr you would be exhausted but I was thinking, ya I was in the fall when I had foot surgery & I wasn't like this. They never listen. Just like my foot, 6 doctors before they finally listen and find out I lost 92% of my muscle! UGH! Well they said I was still above the line of needing blood but can't really afford to get much worse.  It has really been a year that is for sure!

You know this drive through service of doctors is really irritating me lately! Heck, Drive Throughs are slower than doctors. Well, doctors & test last week. I had gone up about .6 from just eating iron rich foods. Now I'm on 2 iron pills a day. Other tests so far good but waiting for the results of one more next week. I have off next Friday for Veteran's Day & I need it.

Tomorrow my family is heading to The Festival of the Trees. This mall has trees that are sponsored & some are silent auction & some are raffles. Now trees is saying it lightly. The Barbie tree has tons of Barbies, the house, sometimes a 4 wheeler. They have trips, dining room sets, and BIG CASH! Sometimes they even have cars! Can't wait to see this year. The proceeds go to charity. I'll try to take some pictures. May have to sit often, especially since I can't use a wheel chair even, with my thumbs being sore (read my All About Me Section...yes it is definitely pouring, not just literally).

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lurkynat said...

ssorry Deborah...I hope that you get some iron soon.Have you thought about taking kelp tablets and vitamin b 100 ?