Monday, November 7, 2005


Haven't been feeling great today so I just finished watching "Miracle"! WOW! I LOVED IT!

I never was at all into hockey...B..U..T......HA! I was a freshman in high school when the 1980 Olympics was going on. I do remember watching Nadia Comaneci. Did you know Nadia & Bart Connors (of the 1984 Olympics) are married & have a gymnastics academy?

Take a look at this great site with some comparisons of the characters  from the movie Miracle & the real individuals they portrayed. As I watched the movie I remember that feeling of striving for something from my days in college & graduate school. Hmmm! I imagine the White Sox are feeling very similar to the 1980 Olympic Hockey team. Think there will be a movie on them? :-) What title would you give it since Miracle is already taken? Ha!

Check out the official sites for the 20062008 Olympic info! The Winter Olympics run from February 10th-26th! Here is the official site.

I'm watching ice skating right now & the Canadian pairs actually looked great moving to the theme from "Somewhere In Time", which I love! I was thrilled to go to the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island just because of this movie! This is where I did a Labyrinth for the first time & LOVED IT! Check out the site there is an explanation at the end of the site!

Well, back to watching...later!


lurkynat said...

Deborah..Why do you mention somewhere in time? taht is myf avorite movie of all time!What is this movie about relaly? (you got me all bothered and curious!)

deslily said...

Cool.. I was watching ice skating last night too..  I'm not sure if i like this new scoring system or not but i hope it works lol...  I'm glad the olympics are this winter.. anything to help get thru the cold season.  Love all the Olympics.