Thursday, November 10, 2005

Man Who is the Smart One?

You know...I'm not sure I wouldn't do this myself! HA! Did you see this story on Johnny Lechner who has been in college now for 12 years? When you think of it, what a life! HA! Especially if you are older & taking undergraduate courses still.

I remember taking a freshman level Home Ec. class my Sr. year just for credits & what a breeze...except for the wacked professor who thought having cravings while your pregnant was just woman wanting attention. I sat in the back of the room & was invisible the whole time until this! You should have seen it! I just couldn't contain myself and out it came "EXCUSE ME?????" All the freshman were like "She speaks!" Ha! Guess what her statistically significant research results were - "I didn't have cravings with both my sons so it is not true!" GOOD LORD! I went off on the woman how she was harming the freshman in the class etc! Ask her how that stands up to validity & reliability of research data etc. You know it was a good thing I was in that class or those freshman would have not even questioned it! Ugh! She was quite careful for the rest of the term. You should have seen the eye exchanges we had the rest of the term.

Anyway, this guy - Johnny Lechner - who is not bad looking I'll add, has a website, has been on Letterman, National Lampoon is paying his tuition now, book deals etc. How did I miss this idea? Some are finding him a bit much & others are saying he loves learning. Hmmm. Oh & I love this....

"The guy's been a student for 12 years, and he's bragging about it?" said State Representative Robin G. Kreibich, chairman of the Assembly's Committee on Colleges and Universities. "I wonder how many kids can't get in because he's staying on so long."

Well, lets see...typically students take 5 yrs on avg to complete a 4 yr degree now,  so I think it might be 12-5=7! Me thinks the Representative should go back to school if he can't figure this out. Now this would also depend on if there is indeed a waiting list which Univ. Wisc. representatives say is not that case apparently. And somehow I don't think they would say 1 more student can't come in when universities are needing money right now.

I love his quotes...

"There is a time & a place for everything & it is called COLLEGE!" HA! So True! ;-)

"If I wanted a job I would have graduated."  - Response to job offer from National Lampoon.

The guy has t-shirts & all kinds of goofy stuff on Ebay as well! And well you'll just have to check out his blog!

It will be interesting to see what he does when he does graduate & who all wants to offer him a job with all those credits. I would think it is going to be quite a rude awakening once he does leave college...but HECK ther is always graduate school! :-) Wonder what his parents think? Do you think he visits his original college friends with their wives & to hear those conversations. HA!

Mr. Lechner apparently sings also but the link doesn't work to listen so can't tell you what I think of his singing yet. Ha...I just thought of something, can you imagine the 18 yr old girl who tells her dad about this guy she is dating at her college & he is 29! HA! Heck, her dad may not be that much older! I'd love to be there for the conversation between dad & him! HA! I've heard of finding a husband in college but man! In fact, I remember being an RA for a summer & this one girl on my floor didn't bring much stuff with her. When I inquired about this she told me she would not be there long she was just there to find a husband. I laughed, I mean it was 1986 and even then I thought that was a bit old & sad for her. You know what...she had one probably by mid semester! And guess who....the big body builder macho womanizer! He was like a puppy dog following her  everywhere & I thought I'd get sick with one more "Yes, Dear" from him! UGH!

Well, check out those links& let me know what you think.


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