Friday, November 11, 2005

Boy Crazy

  I just talked to my little 8 yr old niece on the phone. She told me....  

"I don't want to tell you this but, I'll whisper it.

A boy on the bus smiled at me"

Me: "He did?" 


Me: "What is his name?"  

"I don't know" 

Me: "What color hair does he have?"  


Me: "Just like your daddy huh"  


Me: "How old is he? Is he the same age as you?"  

"No. I think he is in (teacher's name) class"  

Me: "What grade is that teacher?"  

"I think 7th"  

Me: (Heart Attack! HA!) "7th grade?!!!!" "Ask someone what his name is & what grade he is in" (Just like her Auntie...older men! Ha!)

"Ok, he is a couple of inches taller than me!"  

Me: "Did you smile back?"  


Me: "Grandma & Grandpa are at their house in AZ"  

"They stopped in TX for 2 days!"

Me: "Ya, that is right. Oh we have to go get a balloon & let it go to send it to them. We can go to the Card Party Place & get one"

"I know where we can get one!"

Me: "You do? Where?"  


Me: "HA! That is a great idea. It will be FREE! :-) Is that why you like Applebees?"  

"Yep & the Grilled Cheese!"  

Me: HA!  

Hopefully I'll get to see her a bit tomorrow.


rap4143 said...

Glad she lives close to you.  My children live in NJ and CT :(.

boiseladie said...

This is great!  I love the interaction with your niece, she sounds like a little doll.  What fun to be an aunt.