Friday, November 11, 2005

Pondering Away

(Thinking real hard!)

That is me...just pondering away

I always tell my students that as we unfortunately stop asking "Why" like little kids as we get older. 40 yrs old & still asking "Why" :-) That doesn't mean I don't realize some things are meant to be. I mean, I do believe at the core everything does happen for a reason. We can't always figure it out right away & maybe are not meant to, but it doesn't mean we shouldn't attempt to figure it out & learn from mistakes etc.

I do agree with the idea of love being meant to be at times and along the lines of certain children being created by the particular parents. I suppose it is more a question of lasting love.


demandnlilchit said...

lol! Well done!  I tend to save my 'whys' for peoples actions instead of lifes situations. I am always fascinated on what part of a persons past makes them choose the things they choose today. Going through therapy myself, it explained so many of mistakes and why I chose what I chose, once you know why you did what you did, it opens up other ways to base your choices on today. I now very rarely repeat my mistakes and that is because I am no longer held in the grips of my past.

lurkynat said...

Lasting Love..that is a great concept! I eman we all shange so much in life and to ahe a river run through it and make things unified as love does ..that's beauty!