Saturday, September 12, 2009

Patrick's Sat Six!

My answers to Patrick's Sat Six:

1. A friend of yours goes grocery shopping with you and goes to the meat department and buys a small pack of fresh ground chuck. You ask what she’s going to cook for dinner and she explains that the chuck is for her dog. How would you react?

Well considering the problems with some of our meat??? If it is once in a while? My vet wants my babies to eat chicken livers but they won't eat it. If the vet wants it then fine.

2. Another friend dares you to eat a dog biscuit: would you give it a try?

Hmmm? Is it homemade? Probably try that first than something commercial with all the recalls lately. Hey Tom Hanks did in Turner & Hooch! :-)

3. Vets usually recommend more expensive brands of food for pets. How much of a difference do you think there would really be between a brand you could pick up in a store or a specialty brand?

LOTS!!! Some have crap in them! Read labels! No different than some of our food! Frozen food loaded with sodium & preservatives, soups too! Eat fresh!!! And Organic!

We are about equal!

5. Who has more toys: your pets or you?

Hmmm right now me. I took almost all of their old toys & threw them out. Musty smell. I'm slowly buying them new ones but then again they just like the tops of hairspray bottles etc.

6. Whose bed do you think is more comfortable to sleep on, yours or your pet’s?

You are assuming it is different! They sleep with me at night & Dusty stays on my bed pretty much all day. Country sleeps in the store bought beds and he seems to like them. My mattress is old though. I want to get a select comfort!

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Rose~* said...

When my oldest daughter worked at a fast food restaurant, many elderly folks would use the drive-through window and order a burger "without the bun", so they could treat their dogs. To each his own, I suppose.