Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mall Cop

Hi Everyone!

Up north with my niece. We were suppose to go see the Dog Hotel movie but she changed her mind & wanted to see Mall Cop. Thank God we got tickets early & the line was still so long to wait to get in the show. The movie was really good. I like Kevin James so I didn't mind very much. I liked him in Hitch also! He is cute in King of Queens too. I just think he is adorable. I know guys probably don't like us calling them that but we just don't tell them! HA! He is funny & sweet & just I don't know but I know I'd go out with him if he was available. Ha! Sweet smile, very penetrating eyes, ya...Sexy! Seems like he'd be very loyal and protective too. Ya, I know next week's headline will say he cheated on his girl, and swindled some elderly people. Ha! No, just kidding! Everyone in the theater seemed to like the movie. They were clapping at the end.

They showed the Harry Potter preview. I'm soooo excited. I like want to go at the midnight showing this time. HA! Oh man, I can't wait for Summer, actually I'd just take Spring now! It is 19 degrees now! WOW!

Went to acupuncture today. I was soooo relaxed. She worked on my lower back. It was doing pretty good & kinda bothering me a bit tonight. Seems like my SI joints & then sides of legs & hips...same old story, but hopefully it will get better. Probably doesn't like the treadmilling but just going to keep trying.

Well that is it for now...more later!

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