Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The History of Today!

President Obama
Hi Everyone!

Sorry...shopping post coming but this has to be first! What a day! I day full of excitement, anticipation, and HOPE! I don't know how history will reflect on this day in retrospect but to think one day kids will think this is no big deal is something I look forward to.

I was upset I could not find a lot of red/white/blue shirts to wear today. I did have a blue shirt & put on my red sweater from Christmas. Got my red/silver & blue beads hanging in my car. Dangling silver star bracelet. Did my best! :-)

I saw that my high school was in D.C. that was pretty cool. I heard one broadcaster call it "A Political Woodstock but 10 times better!" Wow! HA!

Well I would love to hear what you think about today? What did you do? I was up late or very early in the morning so I'm very pooped right now. I think I will head to bed earlier (famous last words) and start tomorrow early fresh & feeling more safe for my future.

You know last night I emailed my dad. I remembered my grandpa babysitting us when we were younger. I was a teen, I think it was Reagan's Ball. My grandpa says just straight face, "I didn't get my ticket to the ball" I was laughing so much. I can't remember what my stepgrandma said but something like you didn't want to be there anyway or they probably would have food you wouldn't like or something. He was a hoot that night! One right after the other. I miss him and I wish both my sets of grandparents were here today to have seen this. Many relatives actually!

I'll tell you also, any student who does not want to do something...prepare for their future...oh boy are they going to get it! They are talking about the president using Myspace & blogs etc...how can they not want to!

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