Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Best Gift!

Credit: Kissing The Afternoon Away / Venice, Italy - Peter Baker Photography

Hi Everyone!

I know, I know I haven't posted anything in so long. I'm sorry...just busy with work & life. I was going to come on here & post about 2009 making a better effort later this weekend when I found this news article & I just had to post it. :-)

I was just joking with my mom & brother that I'll just have to wait until I'm a senior citizen maybe to find Mr. Right or something to that effect...and then I found this article right after! HA! Love is so wonderful isn't! God I hope I'm like the couple in this picture later still living life for the RIGHT REASON! ;-) Amour! Kissing...nothing better!

And I do agree! So much can be told in kiss. Although I can't say I have had too many really bad kisses in my life. A sweet slow loving one or the passionate type...can't go wrong. Ok, maybe in the day of braces there may have been some trouble. HA! Then again, I really don't kiss someone unless I feel a great deal for them. They have to make me feel very safe and comfortable for me to kiss them. To me it is a very intimate thing. I know not everyone these days thinks that but I'm just goofy I guess. Well, I'll be posting more this weekend about the holidays & I'll try to make a better effort with the new year.

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Slapinions said...

You'll think I'm b.s.'ing you if I told you how honestlly stunned I was to see a new post of yours scroll across my dashboard!

Good to see you again - will you be posting more regularly now?