Monday, July 6, 2009

I Can Get Married Now!

I started this a while back & never finished it. So here you go with a bit added from this past week!

Oh I know, I know...I'm so bad. Incredibly busy. Well I was checking out the new Willow Trees for ideas for my b-day...yep 2 weeks ago...and I saw they had a cake topper. OMG I love it. I love the expression. So comfortable & secure and loving. That is what I would want! Maybe that is why I couldn't get married until this was made? Although the next problem is I love the bride dresses from when I was in my 20s! Ugh! I don't like many of them they make today! Do you remember the puffy shoulders & then the points that came down to you index finger. :-) The V boddess, hanging bead head pieces...ha! I don't like the strapless today at all. And NO butt bows!

You know last week I was talking to 2 of my students after class & he said "Our kids" and so then I said, "Ok, since you said that I have to ask..." Yep, they are married. Just married in May. No one could really tell in class. Seemed like they knew each other but that is about it. So then I got the story. It was soooo inspiring. They met when she was 9 yrs old! HA! Then nothing until she was graduating from 8th grade & they met again. He asked her to prom not realizing when she said she was graduating that it was from 8th grade! HA! Well, when I was 14 yrs old I had 19 yr old guys after me so....puberty came quite early! They dated a bit a few yrs later & broke up & then later met but both were married with kids. Then time past again & both were divorced. Her son was participating in Boyscouts & he was the leader. Well after 5 yrs of dating & making sure the kids were ok with it etc they are now married. They were so cute describing the journey. He would add a part & then her. I asked him, "When you met her when she as 9 yrs old did you think you would marry her?" She then smiled & said, "Ya, I'd love to know too" and he smiled & really authentically said, "Yes!" I could not believe it. He said that ya he gave up at one point & thus got married to someone else, but it was something he very much wanted. They then commented how they complement each other on their personalities, which I could definitely see. And get this, he is taking the class with her because they neither finished college and she wanted to start back up & he took it to support her. OMG that is just so wonderful. It was such a lovely, inspiring story. He is Lutheran & she is general Christian. Just something about the idea that life's journey takes you in many different directions but if you are meant to be you will eventually be together you know. We discuss that, like my brother and his divorce but if he did not get married I would not have my little niece nor they their children. God sometimes just has different plans. Maybe someday it will work out like that for me! God knows what wedding dresses will look like then! HA!

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