Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Risk is Worth It!

Well, for the first time tonight I rented a movie from one of those red box things in Wal Mart. Hey Matthew for $1! The older lady greeting everyone said she has been meaning to try it & I said Matthew will do it! HA! She laughed & we had a lovely chat. Oh she was sweet so...

I missed this movie in the theater which I can't believe because I so wanted to see it. I was waiting for it to become available to rent. I felt like Romance tonight! It was good but it turned out to be another guy who thinks he has it all figured out & he is the one who is totally clueless...well technically not...DENIAL! Ya, Ya, I know why, it is not just guys. The whole been hurt so now I won't let that happen again thing. And yes, I do understand that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And it is nice to see him finally realize closing your heart just leads to hurt and more pain, it is a good message to remind people of. Reminded me of The Ugly Truth. Same idea really. Guy who is also all macho, womanizer, never admit to having a feeling & thinking women are the complete morons & feel and think too much, when really they have just been hurt and don't want to admit, until later, it is worth risking being in love again. And think about it, in both cases the men do not take the risk, so they almost lose their love of their life. If only real life could be more like a movie and they would learn the lesson and take the risk...even when they may think it is too late.

Well then Father of the Bride 2 (remake) was on and God the hormones must have kicked in between the two movies & I was bawling and God must have been rolling his eyes at me at what I was saying to him...just like all the other guys! HA! All I know is he better know what he is doing because so far I really wonder!

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Slapinions said...

Redbox rocks, doesn't it?