Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Just Keep Thinking Summer!

Oh my has it been a long time since I have posted!

Yes, I'm still alive! HA!

I'm just so busy. I don't know where to begin. I'll have to catch you up over time but right now it it is a bit after 3am & I'll be heading to bed as soon as my 800mg of Motrin kicks in. I received a cortisone injection in my right shoulder today (technically yesterday). They said in about 4 hours, which should have been about 2pm, it would begin to ache. I was fine all day & thought great I'll be fine. Well, last couple 4 hours on the computer & now it begins to throb & ache. I have been having trouble with my right upper arm since Oct. It is hard to raise to turn back and it gets hard as a rock when I lift up & hurts. We tried 6 weeks of PT & it really didn't help. I had an MRI done last week. Today he said the Radiologist found a thick tear in my rotator cuff but the doc disagrees? So we will try the shot & 6 more weeks of PT & see what happens. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because it has been getting worse the last few weeks and getting hard to even work on the computer. I'm not sure it could be just over time getting old etc but I did have my arm up & hand supporting the roof of my SUV when it rolled over about 14 months ago so maybe it irritated it & now it is just pooped.

Easter was fun. My cousin came in with her family from CA so I spent time with them on Sat blessing baskets and my cousin's little girl asked me to go with them to visit the Easter Bunny so that was fun. Thursday I went up north to keep our family tradition of visiting 7 churches. My folks are in AZ for the winter & I usually do it with them. A few years I have done it with my cousins but now they are scattered & few busy so I actually did have fun myself this year. I spent Sunday with my sister & her new boyfriend who is a fireman/paramedic. He seems laid back and funny. We'll see. She seems happy and that is good. I'm kinda sad the family traditions are being lost with my generation. I really miss it.

I have about 3 more weeks after this week and then finals week! :-) Summer Vacation is on its way! I can't wait, warmer weather, birds, grilling outside...ahhhhh! And hey the Cubs have been winning so that is great! :-) Ok, more later...


Des's big daddy said...

Good to see you back.

Rose~* said...

Glad you're posting again - yes, it has been awhile. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I'm still having problems with tendonitis of my wrist. I'm sure that the accident had something to do with the discomfort that you feel in your shoulder. I slipped on the ice last winter and landed on my elbow and it is still bothering me. Hope to see you posting more once your vacation comes. (((HUGS)))