Sunday, July 5, 2009

Big Ouchie!

Man, this just does not seem right! I soaked my toe this morning & it just keeps hurting even frozen. Then I was watching the Cubs later and feel asleep for a few hours. Well I had been skimping on my Zs lately so I probably needed it. I was going to sleep-in this morning, but ended up just waking up. At least when I woke up I found the Cubs did not totally bomb their lead. :-) This toe though is just killing me and I'm not a happy camper right now. I did a bit of shopping & watched a ball game & had a bite to eat at the bar in Lone Star. Had them give me a regular coke and then I got a shot of rum to put it in it. I figured tall glass diluted more & they can add more coke. HA! Well the Tylenol & Motrin is not doing the trick! When I got home I soaked my "little piggy" again. Ok, so I found the rum way back in my fridge & put a bit in my cranberry juice now too. HA! I know that sounds soooo bad but you know I have bottles in the fridge for years now. I really don't drink I swear.

I have to go downtown (Chicago) tomorrow for my back treatment though but at least I don't have my night class since it ended last week. It will be nice to just come home & relax.

OMG I'm watching some kind of movie called "Evolution" with David Duchovny and Julianne Moore...HA! It is sooo pathetic but funny too. I'm going to have nightmares! HA! I use to watch Creature Features, Twilight Zone & Son of Svengoolie with my dad when I was a kid...nothing! Now...UGH! Must be some type of adapting you get older you need that guy next to you when you sleep for when you wake up with nightmares! HA! I think the guys planned all this don't you? Ha! OMG that movie so stupid! HA! But hey it kept me laughing & that takes pain away so...

Well the movie is over. I should try to get some sleep so I will be perky tomorrow. At least the Taste is over. Man Friday the trains were so crowded and loud from the Taste & everyone going to see the fireworks. Maybe I should freeze my foot again before I go to bed. See now there is another reason to have a guy...he could warm up my foot then. HA! Later!

P.S. Dan...nope no Facebook sorry! Can't seem to see the point of that or Tweeter!

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